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The Walking Dead (2010– )
Even if you think you do not like this genre WATCHTHIS
27 October 2012
I only recently was talked into watching the first episode by my Daughter as I avoid the Undead, Ghost, Vampire genre. I was blown away! I could not stop watching and had to get EVERY episode! They made 6 episodes year 1 and about 12 year 2, at 42 minutes an episode the entire year 1&2 run time is around 12 hours total and COULD RUN AS ONE 12 HOUR MOVIE, and you would still not wanna leave for popcorn. The end of each episode left me dying for the next one, The writing is incredible, the character development amazing and don't suppose you know who will live or die here cause you will have no idea. The quality makes it seem as if all other series are quaint and boring. I find myself thinking about the next episode every day. VERY WATCHABLE; VERY ENTERTAINING; GREAT GREAT SERIES!!
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Great movie For CGI - Surprise!
19 September 2012
This has got to be the best movie made to date using CGI!

The first movies were made with intentionally wooden acting, which gave them a"tongue in cheek" type of humor.

This version is amazingly well acted and contains more off the cuff humor and intelligent dialog.

The Sci-Fi battles are great.

If you were to tell me that I would watch a CGI Movie and not turn it off,I would have called you a liar.

It is even more incredible that I did not endure this movie, But genuinely liked it and wanted more at the end!
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