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Seen at Toronto After Dark Fest
benharley-6750720 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was really excited to see this movie because of JJ Abram's involvement, and the trailer absolutely sold me, so when I saw this was showing a couple weeks early I made sure not to pass up the opportunity. So how was it? It was really good. I didn't think it was great, but it has some really cool stuff that was very entertaining, and overall I had a good time. The first thing I'll get into would be the VFX, which I believe were created by ILM. The gore effects were incredible and made me squirm in delight, and the opening sequence of the squads plane getting shot down over France was spectacular. It looks absolutely stunning and is equally terrifying, especially with the excellent sound design. The cast for the most part was good, I wouldn't say anyone was outstanding but they were really good. One comedic character in particular worked very well, and the dynamic between the leads was fun and interesting, but it never goes too deep. But let's face it, I didn't go to the movie for deep characters, I went for the WWII Nazi zombies. I was a little let down to be honest with the amount of zombie material in the movie. Maybe that's a little nit picky but a lot of the best zombie stuff was shown in the trailer, and although it's more fleshed out in the final film, it would've been nice to have seen some other crazy stuff that we hadn't already seen bits of. Then again, the zombie sequences and effects that are in the movie are fantastic, both creepy and undeniably fun. I guess I just would've liked a little more. I guess I'll end this by saying if you want a fun WWII/zombie movie, go see this. We need more R-rated blockbusters like this, so go support this one.
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Way better than you'd ever expect & not what you'd think from the trailer
bridgetbreland15 November 2018
Wow color me impressed:) I went in with low expectations but from the adrenaline filled, edge of your seat opening I was hooked. I thought it would be schlock horror. What I got was a well acted, well scripted action/drama/horror film that actually had me caring about the characters. Very unique and I agree with other reviewers that it should be a cult classic. I hope more people go to see it in theaters as it deserves a much wider audience.
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Going to turn into a Cult Classic
jrugg199 November 2018
Overlord is essentially a B-movie with a Hollywood budget, great action, and a TON of gore. I really enjoyed this movie quite a bit, especially in the opening scene, which was shot very well. This movie is an action-horror set during World War II when a bunch of American Soldiers discover that the Germans are up to something sinister in one of their bases, and that is all I will say about the plot. It's awesome to watch. The films cast doesn't consist of any A-Listers or Superstars, but has a lot of recognizable faces such as Wyatt Russell, (who's performance reminded me a lot of his dad Kurt in The Thing), Pilous Asbaek and Jacob Anderson of Game of Thrones fame, John Magaro and Bokeem Woodbine, and newcomers Jovan Adepo and Mathilde Olliver as the leads. To sum it up, Overlord is the type of movie that is going to develop a fanbase years from now, it is very fun and will satisfy those both looking for intense action and gory horror, and I can easily recommend this. We can all thank Julius Avery for directing such a fun movie and J.J Abrhams for deciding to NOT turn this film into a Cloverfield movie.
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Call Of Wolfenstein: Overlord
Pjtaylor-96-13804411 November 2018
'Overlord (2018)' certainly has tonal issues, often being properly horrific but seeming to want to inject humour at the most inopportune of moments. It's also quite schlocky essentially every time it tries to do anything more traditionally 'war movie'-esque. This is especially prevelant in the moments where it wants us to believe its heroes are being overtly and defiantly heroic, in spite of their army-given orders or previously quite unlikable (sometimes contemptible) character-traits, or in the times where it tries to tie its events directly into the narrative of the overall Second World War - which is actually quite disturbing not in its slightly jingoistic and strangely campy ending but in its undercurrent of Nazi experimentation, something that did really occur to an extent perhaps less sensational but far more despicable than what's seen here. Really, the issues come down to the writing, which isn't as nuanced as it perhaps thinks it is but also isn't as straight-forwardly 'genre-specific' as it perhaps ought to have been. There are times when the flick works, though, which mainly come when it slips straight into the fantastical, horror territory where it feels most at home and, indeed, adept. Here, it puts the historical context further into the background than before, using it as a backdrop for a sort of silly but played-straight science-fiction flick that actually works well when it tries to scare and make squirm. The visuals are pretty much universally good and, aside from a couple of unnecessarily glorified gore-shots, the violence is presented as believably painful and properly gruesome, too. Ultimately, this makes for a flawed experience that's at its best when it just lets the viscera fly like it is slick, big-budgeted and generally very well put-together grindhouse-bound 'trash art'. 6/10
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A great blend of genres (each done well) - shame about the final 30 mins
GoldenBlunderbuss6 November 2018
If you want to go in to watching this film without seeing the trailer, then don't read any reviews - including this one. There are no spoilers beyond what the trailer shows.

I make that opening claim because if you hadn't seen the trailer, you wouldn't know of the dual-genre nature of Overlord. The genre shift to full-blown 'zombies-but-not-quite' action comes after 75 minutes of truly brilliant wartime drama with some moderate scares. The opening scenes of the paratroopers entrance to the war-torn French countryside is a particular highlight for its chaotic, intense and disorientating depiction of what it must've been like for those who did the deed for real in WW2.

The horror element begins to build early on but is never an indication of the upcoming genre shift (if you've not seen the trailer, at least) until the point (From Dusk to Dawn style) where it's made clear that we're not in Kansas anymore. The only bummer I can think of is the film falls into the trap of a predictable final 30 minutes. With all the enjoyment had before then, it's so disappointing to feel let down at the last hurdle.

The soundtrack is immense, the cinematography is brooding without being dark (a style which works for both of the film's genres), and the CGI special effects are affectingly convincing. Don't expect great things from the script (which includes several awful one-liner comebacks), but I think this film will go down as one of the great zombie films of recent years, and may even be noted for its even better turn as a war film.

Best quote: "What is this?!" - "Our greatest achievement. With it, we create super-Nazis; a thousand year army and it's thousand year soldiers."
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Fresh, fun horror movie
erosegerity21 October 2018
I saw this film at the Philadelphia Film Festival and I had a good time watching it. It's a very intense movie with a lot of action throughout; it never has a moment where it calms down. I like that aspect of it but I can definitely see it being sensory overload for a lot of people. It's also quite graphic, and sometimes it's a little gratuitous and overly gory. I think the film relies a little too much on jump scares but the atmosphere is pretty creepy anyway. I think towards the end the film gets pretty over-the-top and silly, but I think it's an interesting setting and it's very well-shot and the VFX are pretty good.
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The Most Expensive Nazisploitation Film Ever Made
Krush_Burner6 November 2018
This is not the first time when J. J. Abrams put the finances into the risky project (remember "Cloverfield"), but this is definitely a curious choice for such a filmmaker. "Overlord" is the rare hybrid of a WWII film and a zombie horror - kind of movies that were prosperous back in 1970s and early 1980s, but has been long gone since then. And even in those times most of them were cheap and cheesy exploitation films, full of gore and nudity. (And yes, lots of people nowadays will think not of grindhouse cinema, but rather of "Call Of Duty" or "Wolfenstein" game series, which is an obvious point of reference here.)

And "Overlord" nearly perfect in assembling those pieces of a Nazi zombie horror movies into one single story. The plot is simple, action-packed and has it all: lots of fighting, shootings, machine guns and flamethrowers. The characters are schematic, almost one-dimensional, because it's not WWII drama, and that's enough. The SFX are great, there's a lot of blood and guts here, exactly what one can expect from a film which involves Nazis, experiments with (un)dead, and covert military operation.

However, there's some minor but annoying mistakes in presentation of some important plot elements, which hard to left unnoticed. Perhaps the most striking example of such retroactive anti-militaristic message is when Cpl. Ford decides to stop Nazis once and for all near the end of the film: his attitude looks a bit anachronistic in 1940s and such views for an U.S. soldier were much more credible rather after Vietnam War than during the WWII. There's also a very implausible fight between two main characters before the final onslaught, which looks ridiculous within the context of the upcoming Overlord operation.

But it all can easily be put aside, because "Overlord" is the Nazispoltation at its best: dark, bloody, action-driven horror about zombie soldiers trying to take over the world. Take it for what it is, and have fun.
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Rating: A
msbreviews9 November 2018
If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog :)

First things first: don't you dare miss this one! I never expected to be as entertained and constantly at edge as I felt throughout this film. J.J. Abrams has a tremendous production capability, and Overlord proves it. It incorporates every genre that you can remember of in an almost seamlessly process. I guess I'll start with the beginning since the first 20-30 minutes provide one of the best opening sequences of the last few years.

Overlord is definitely a war movie, and its foundations are actually based on true stories from WWII. Obviously, being J.J. Abrams a sci-fi master, he stretches those stories a bit so we can have a brilliant rollercoaster of genres. Mystery, thriller, horror, sci-fi, drama, comedy, war, action, ... I mean, every genre that you can think of (well, I guess musical can be excluded) is present in this film, some more than others.

Usually, that is not a good sign because it's extremely hard to balance two/three tones or genres, let alone a whole bunch of them. That said, Julius Avery is one hell of a director! He and his writers were able to mix everything up and still make a cohesive and even claustrophobic movie since it's pretty much one-location after that opening act. Let's go genre by genre ...

War: the best depiction of what a war looks and SOUNDS like since Dunkirk. I watched this on IMAX, and the sound design is unbelievable. I could feel every bullet flying through, and the CGI is eyegasmic. That opening scene with the military flying over the "battlefield" is visually jaw-dropping, and the score elevates the tension by being extremely powerful. Chills all over my body.

Sci-fi/Mystery/Thriller: even though the premise pretty much explains what the Nazis are doing in their medical experiments, the way that Mark L. Smith and Billy Ray structure the film's narrative and write the dialogues is remarkable. Every exposition scene feels natural and rich from a storytelling perspective. It doesn't improve the mystery itself, but it sure helps the audience to navigate through the story.

Horror: it relies on predictable yet effective jump scares, but the "monsters" are very well "designed." With a mix of CGI and makeup, every single scene involving these human experiments is nail-biting great. Whether that's a chasing or fight sequence, or merely a suspense moment where we can't really see the entire human body, the horror vibe is excellently implemented.

Comedy: such a heavy and bloody R-rated flick, needs some sort of relief. Comedy isn't precisely a predominant genre, but John Magaro's character carries an important role. You might be thinking "bah, he is just a bland comic relief character with no decent development," but you're wrong. Tibbet is extremely well-developed! He simply has a funny personality, and he does banter a lot, but throughout the movie, he keeps evolving as a character and ultimately surprises us in the third act. I also love Iain De Caestecker (Chase), and I congratulate him on finally getting a role in a big film!

Drama: Jovan Adepo (Boyce), Wyatt Russell (Ford) and Mathilde Ollivier (Chloe) are what I would call the movie's protagonists. They are the ones that carry most of the story. Adepo is the lead, and he is fantastic, as well as his two counterparts. However, it's due to the amazing characters' scripts that they are able to shine. Every single character in the film (well, except the Nazis, obviously) has a script meant for the audience to care about them.

Every death has an impact, either on the audience or the other characters. There's a ton of ethical dilemmas throughout their mission, and these three are always arguing with each other since everyone thinks differently. Their dialogues are very captivating, and they undoubtedly improve the screenplay. I rarely blinked due to the high level of entertainment and excitement. Story and character-wise, this is one of 2018's best. Pure entertainment AND well-written characters? Count me in!

However, it doesn't end up here. Technically, this movie is impressive and magnificent. I genuinely had my heart pumping hard after that opening sequence (am I repeating myself too much?). The score is intensely sumptuous, the cinematography is impeccable, and the visual effects are out of this world. The action stunts (chases and fights) are so realistic that you can feel every punch, kick, bullet and explosion like you were there.

Julius Avery works the camera in such a mind-blowing way. Even though some scenes require massive CGI, he still produces some one-take wonders. From Boyce jumping from the plane to him running away from explosions going off closer and closer, Avery sure knows his craft of filmmaking. I wanted to give this film an A+ so much, but I can't. I have one and one only minor issue that I can't just ignore.

I wrote above that it mixes each genre ALMOST perfectly ... Midway through the second act, I noticed that this movie wasn't going to escape the fact that it tries to tackle too many genres and tonally, it lacks a bit of balance. Going from such an intense opening act to a more slow-paced and dramatic story is a big downstep entertainment-wise. Even when the action returns, it's a totally different type of war action. Throughout the film, I felt like wanting a bit of "that" when there was too much of "this" and a bit of "this" when there was too much of "that."

Nevertheless, Overlord is one of my favorite movies of 2018, and it's going to make my life hard at the end of the year, organizing my Top10. It's a brilliantly structured story filled with remarkably well-developed characters and a phenomenal cast, led by Jovan Adepo. Julius Avery provides a captivating and intense rollercoaster of genres and tones, delivering a film with very different levels of entertainment due to the many styles present. His filmmaking craft is mind-blowing, and J.J. Abrams' production is visually stunning, at least. Watch it on IMAX so you can feel how powerful and intense the sound design is. You'll be captivated from the first to the last second. Enjoy it!
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Entertaining with flaws...
JalilOfficial1 November 2018
Let me start of by saying... The movie was nice. Expected a bit more horror and maybe even more zombies. That would have made it a perfect score for me. Nonetheless what it did have was a lot of action and a lot of tension. Overall a fun watch and everybody in the room enjoyed it. Heroic storyline, a lot of gore, one of the best opening sequences I've seen in a while and some decent humor. Grab your boys and catch it at the movies if u can. Popcorn flick for a good time at the movie theater! Don't expect an Oscar contender here! Then You'll have plenty fun!
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A fine mixture of action/war/horror that works just so well
john-clarke-253379 November 2018
I was fortunate enough to see an advance screening of Overlord and really didn't know what to expect being that my only exposure to the film was a trailer at the screening of another film a few days before. I will confess to not being a great fan of the war genre and more leaning to the horror element the trailer suggested was contained. The opening sequences of the soldiers on the plane is absolutely awesome, the effects the acting were top draw and had me thinking maybe I should give war films a little more of my time. Its a dark film with a very clever plot and all the actors play their role brilliantly and are very believable. As I have said the war scenes are spectacular to look at and the horror scenes are not so over the top as to ruin the hard work that has come before it. In a very weird way the factors leading up to the horror scenes are believable and you can imagine that just maybe somewhere in a dark forest these things could actually be happening. Its a great film that doesn't take itself too seriously and is exactly what the trailer suggests, an action packed visual delight that deserves to be seen. My only concern is that it doesn't get ignored due it being released around the same time as Halloween and Bohemian Rhapsody as it truly deserves a platform of its own. Support this little gem you will not be disappointed
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An Above-Average Mash-Up of World War II Movies and Horror Chillers
zardoz-1322 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The people who made "Overlord" should have taken a refresher course in World War II history. Although I have no idea who deserves blame for the primary anachronism in casting African-Americans as armed combatants, surely "Star Trek" producer J.J. Abrams, "Son of a Gun" director Julius Avery, "Hunger Games" scenarist Billy Ray and/or "Revenant" scribe Mark L. Smith should have known better. African-Americans never fought alongside Caucasians in units. The segregationist Pentagon prohibited such integration until the outbreak of hostilities in the Korean War. Indeed, African-Americans participated in the war effort, as movies like "Red Ball Express" (1952) and "Red Tails" (2012) have documented. Meantime, the "Overlord" filmmakers could have dreamed up other ways to believably insert the two African-Americans into the fireworks. Anybody who has seen Guy Hamilton's belated "Guns of Navarone" sequel Force 10 from Navarone" (1978) can see how credibly Carl Weathers was integrated into the action without rewriting history. Furthermore, it will probably come as a severe shock to these filmmakers that Allied soldiers didn't have to salute their superiors in the field until Hitler's henchmen signed the peace treaty. I don't know for a complete certainty if U.S. paratroopers were issued only carbines with folding stocks as their chief armament. Nevertheless, bailing out of an airplane with an unwieldy M1 rifle must have been a chore. If you can overlook these obvious flaws, "Overload" qualifies as an above-average, mission-oriented World War II epic with a side plot involving ghoulish experiments to forge the ideal Nazi super-soldier. I hesitate to classify these super-soldiers as 'zombies' because they can survive head wounds and keep on fighting. One delicious line of dialogue delivered by the villainous Nazi officer that alludes to these immortal soldiers is heightens the irony: "A thousand-year Reich needs thousand-year soldiers." Of course, the age range of the audience bound to behold this hell-raising, genre-hybrid thriller probably doesn't care about preserving historical authenticity.

Happily, Australia helmer Julius Avery directs this war picture with enough gusto and grenades to make the grade. The opening scene aboard a C-47 transport plane flying our heroes into German-occupied France on the eve of the Allied D-Day invasion evokes memories of "Saving Private Ryan" as German anti-aircraft batteries blast the bejesus out of the fuselage. Most of the outfit dies horribly while the guys who were still alive had to scramble to jump as the engines of the plane burst into flames. Avery and his scenarists do a competent job of fleshing out their characters. Corporal Ford (Wyatt Russell of "Everybody Wants Some") isn't a part of the unit that wings its way into France. He has a record of insubordination and doesn't make friends easily because--as he points out to another gullible soldier: "Friends die." Ultimately, he carries out his mission. Along the way, he takes one hell of a beating, after his buddies and he enter a church that the Germans are using not only to conduct their nefarious experiments but also a house a powerful radio transmitter. This strategic transmitter could hamper American planes flying air support for the invasion. Consequently, Ford and five surviving paratroopers contend with a Nazi-stronghold established in a church. Raw recruit Private Boyce (Jovan Adepo of "Fences") finds a way into the heavily fortified church; he rides into the church aboard a truck heaped with corpses. Luckily, he sneaks into the church without arousing attention and then rescues one of his fellow paratroopers, Rosenfeld (Dominic Applewhite of "Les Misérables"), who the enemy had promptly captured no sooner than he had landed and had prepared for those hellish experiments. Initially, odious German commanding officer Wafner (Pilou Asbæk of "Ghost in the Shell") doesn't know what the experiments are about, despite having rounded up several innocent French men and women to serve as guinea pigs. He has enraged a pretty slip of a French girl, Chloe (Mathilde Ollivier of "The Misfortunes of François Jane"), because his men took her aunt and subjected her to those dreadful Nazi doctors. She winds up helping Corporal Ford and Private Boyce as they set about to blow up the German radio tower.

Altogether, "Overlord" ranks as borderline tolerable action movie, but nowhere as entertaining as it could have been with humor laden over the violence.
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Fun war movie with a horror twist
tedbreen12 November 2018
Fun war movie with a horror twist. On its face, it is a procedural military mission - get in and do the thing to support the impending Allied invasion. The horror twist comes when the soldiers discover some strange stuff happening in the village. Medical experiments are being performed to transform normal humans into super soldiers. The mission now becomes twofold: destroy the tower and destroy the lab! Nothing particularly special or innovative about the story, but it was wildly entertaining and enjoyable. Very exciting edge-of-your-seat action scenes, well-performed roles, top-notch special effects, and solid jump scares. We watched it in the Dolby theater at AMC Metreon in SF. It was super loud and the place was rocking!
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Bad Robot Steps Out Of Its Comfort Zone
zkonedog14 November 2018
If a film from J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Productions is in theaters, I will likely be there to support it. I love his mystery box style of filmmaking, and the way he develops characters and creates engaging mystery/drama in movies. With "Overlord", however, Bad Robot really takes a step outside its own comfort zone or usual genres. The early results are surprisingly positive, if perhaps a little confusing in terms of expectations.

For a basic plot summary, "Overlord" begins as a traditional WWII flick. On the eve of D-Day, a group of American soldiers parachute into France to knock out a Nazi radio tower located at a strategic church position. Led by Ford (Wyatt Russell) and nominally focusing on young Boyce (Jovan Adepo), the small group enlist the help of French native Chloe (Mathilde Ollivier) to get them to the tower. What they find inside, however, is far more strange and horrific than a radio control base.

What's a little humorous to me about "Overlord" is that even in trying to make a "zombie WWII" action/adventure piece, Bad Robot can't help but instill its own formula into the proceedings. The characters here are given quite awhile to develop (sometimes mores than even traditional WWII dramas!), and it isn't until the final third of the film where viewers are given the Nazi zombie shoot-em-up promised by the trailers. The "mystery box" is opened wide eventually, but the fact that it exists at all in this genre is interesting. These are all things that made me enjoy the experience more than the genre would usually appeal to my cinema tastes.

Only helping matters is that some of the more "peripheral" aspects of the film are very supportive of the main plots/characters. The makeup effects are incredible, a few camera shots really stand out, and the atmosphere as the weirdness cranks up in that final third is legitimately creepy. I can't particularly say that the acting was all that great (or noticeable) apart from Adepo's standout performance, but such depth probably wouldn't be supported by this type of filmmaking style anyway.

About the closest comp I can give is playing Wolfenstein 3D on my PC back in the early 90s! It's a war/sci-fi mashup, and that combination probably isn't going to shoot to the top of any charts. Considering that "Overlord" is the first rated-R effort from Bad Robot, I'd have to consider it a success. Personally, I'll always be more drawn to the more mysterious Cloverfield-type fare, but this one indeed kept me entertained all the way through (something that, say, a James Bond film doesn't necessarily even do these days).
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Most metal war epic ever
henry-6618310 November 2018
You want gore? You want evicerated and mangled bodies?(kinda messed up but whatever) you want zombies? You want an almost historically accurate war movie? Well that's what I wanted and I tell you this movie delivers on every aspect of what I just said. Screw meta critic. Absolutely entertaining movie.
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Sleeper hit
sujithmadhavan10 November 2018
Absolute beauty. That jump sequence at the start was just phenomenal
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One of the best movies of 2018
MuratG_145615 November 2018
This movie is a good mixture of a lot of genres:war,horror,action and even science-fiction but action is the most dominant of all according to me.Overlord has a very impressive opening scene.Musics of the film keeps you at the edge of your seat,very thrilling.We see a female character (Mathilde Ollivier) among soldiers in the middle of the war whose struggle against Nazis and zombies reminded me of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Aliens movie.Overall,Overlord is a well directed,well written and well acted movie and a must see! I recommend everyone to watch this movie in cinema saloons in order to feel the suspense and action more deeply.
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yaaseenvalli16 November 2018
This movie is amazing, it's got all the ingredients to keep you at the edge of your seat. Highly recommend, to treat yoursel.
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Fun and Action
snt04300511 November 2018
Perfect blend of WW2 action, zombies and gore. Don't go into this expecting Oscar nominations, and you'll enjoy the ride. It was exactly what I expected- I was entertained for close to 2 hrs. Got my money's worth.
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Intense from Start to Finish
kjproulx15 November 2018
It's a rarity that movies like this are made today. Original concepts are either tampered with by a studio or forced to change in order to fit a franchise or set up an entire universe of movies. It's rare that filmmakers in Hollywood (these days) are given complete freedom to create the movie they want to create, or so it seems. Happily, after watching Overlord, I noticed none of that. While the subject matter may not interest a large audience, I believe this movie can be enjoyed by fans of many genres. If you have an open mind, whether you're a fan of war films, sci-fi films, or a good old fashion slasher/horror, I think Overlord may impress you as much as it impressed me. From start to finish, here's why I believe it's very hard for audience members to get bored with this one.

Nearing D-Day, American soldiers are being flown into the battlefield. After their plane is shot down, they form an unlikely ally, while one of them begins to discover that the Nazis have been kidnapping Americans and experimenting on them in bizarre ways. This movie asks a lot of you throughout the second and third acts, as it sets it up as a war film, but pulls the rug out from under you as the movie progresses. As I mentioned, this film is part war, part sci-fi, and part horror, and those genres surprisingly blend together very well and this movie never keeps you waiting. The pacing of this film is easily the aspect that stood out the most to me.

A premise like this can easily be chuckled at, but the fact that it begins as a war film, turns into a sci-fi film, and ends up being a horror movie, makes for a very interesting experience. From the second this film started, I felt riveted. Whether you're into an action sequence, a comedy bit, or on the edge of your seat to see who will make it out alive, there's absolutely no downtime. I'm not saying some movies don't need or deserve to be three hours long, but this is a perfect example of a film that utilizes the perfect amount of time needed to tell its story. Giving just the right amount of characters development to most of the crew, just the right amount of horror to not turn off the action junkies who just came for that, and hardly any drawn-out scenes of characters conversing, at 105 minutes, there isn't a single moment where you can take a break and then come back, not having missed something.

Although Julius Avery does a very solid job in terms of direction, it's the combination of a tight script by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith and the frenetic editing by Matt Evans that truly shine here. To me, the overall outcome of the pacing of this film originated with those two elements. On top of that, you have a great cast to keep your audience engaged. While I haven't heard of many of these performers in the past, I can see them receiving quite a few jobs in the near future. For what this film was trying to be, I really can't find many things to complain about here.

In the end, Overlord shocked me with how much I actually enjoyed it. The premise itself should make for a bad On Demand release that most people would forget about, but there's a lot of effort put into this movie. The overall story itself may be its biggest issue, due to the fact that there are flaws within the plans of what the Nazis are plotting, but that was a minor nitpick in the grand scheme of things. Personally, I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish and I highly recommend this movie to those who can handle the three genres of war, sci-fi, and horror. Overlord is tightly paced and full of energy.
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Entertaining but needed to be much scarier
donnie_darkos11 November 2018
I really enjoyed this movie but I thought it could have been WAY scarier, and that's coming from someone who is usually very easily scared. The jumpscares were about the scariest things but I would have loved to see some really creepy stuff happen. Otherwise it was pretty good!
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Just enough of everything. A fun, fun ride!
dmitryaltman2-64-89277610 November 2018
This movie is not there to just scare the hell outta you. It's a combination of well shot action, battle scenes, which btw no less realistic than any dramatic WW2 movie, and zombie like grotesque used-to-be-humans creatures. Add just enough suspense, grit and bit of humor, and it's a well balanced flick. This reminds me of old Wolfenstein game of 90s. Nicely done!
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Over and Under.
aciessi11 November 2018
In Nazi occupied France, in what I'd say is the same time period Aldo Raine was collecting scalps and chasing after Hans Landa, a ragtag group of paratroopers crash lands near the headquarters of a diabolical science lab where humans are taken against their will to guinea pig a top secret serum that transforms them into super-human zombies.

Overlord is exactly the kind of film you'd expect to see in the early 80's in the naughtier section of the video store. A WWII-set, Science-Fiction blood binge made for midnight viewings... or at least, that was the intention. Overlord, the actual film, has trouble expressing itself in this way. At times it takes itself too seriously. Other times, it goes for the gross out moment, but never takes it far enough. Overlord seems to be afraid of it's own shadow. It should've been more outrageous, more shameless and more hard-R that it is here. A worth while effort, and far from a cheap cinematic affair, but not satisfying.
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Decent WOII action movie, not much a horror
rubainvansteenbrugge1 November 2018
I saw this film at a halloween event and i expected this movie to be a horror film after watching the trailer. A movie about Nazi-zombies or something, who's not interested? But it was a let down for me.

Don't get me wrong, the movie looks good. The visuals, the sounds, the characters were great. They kept the story simple whitch i have no problem with. The movie started great and had a slow moment after that as it should be, but i expected to see some kind of 'zombies' after a while. To be fair, you don't see much of the 'zombies' but what you see, is great. The movie isn't scary at all, nor gory or anything you would expect of a horror movie but it had a lot of potential te be one. Maybe they kept it that way to attract a broader audience.

If the intention was a just a WOII movie with a twist...alright i can live with that, it was entertaining. If you expect to see a horror, you will be let down.
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War + Monsters= Entertainment
kermitdgorf12316 November 2018
Would have been a great WWII film even without the experimental monsters. I was pleased to see the lead was an African American actor instead of the usual Caucasian lead. Reminded me of Star wars in having Jon Boyega in lead role. Kudos to Hollywood for thinking outside the box. Kurt Russell's son in a pivitol supporting role. Action explosions..fast paced. Loved every second of it.
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It's one hell of ride to the WWII
rickyc-489589 November 2018
Just saw the 4DX version in theater, then it make me wanna write this first time ever review.

If you can appreciate B movie that full of blood and somehow funny gore scenes, this is one masterpiece you would love.

The beginning scene is probably the most immersive experience I've ever had, better that Pan Pacific. Go see the 4DX or IMAX version if you can.
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