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MPAA Rated R for violence and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • Baby and Debora kiss both passionately and sweetly on occasion, but their relationship doesn't go beyond that.
  • Buddy and Darling, a husband-and-wife criminal duo, are involved in several of Doc's operations.
  • They kiss, cuddle and make out in the back seats of cars.
  • When one of Doc's heists requires that Buddy hold Darling hostage, Darling quips that they've "role-played that a lot."
  • They discuss (in broad but not explicit detail) how they might celebrate a big score.
  • Darling wears tight clothing that reveals cleavage.
  • Bats, another crewmember, lecherously eyes Darling.
  • At one point, both his attention and the camera's lens ogle the woman's backside as she walks.
  • Some kissing and one joke about roleplaying in the bedroom.

Violence & Gore

  • Bats never saw a living being he didn't want to shoot.
  • He apparently guns down a security truck driver. (We don't see the shot but do see the man lying in a pool of blood).
  • He may kill another for several packs of gum.
  • Again we don't see the kill, but when Baby looks through the convenience store window, he doesn't see the cashier anymore
  • And he seems ready to off a waitress instead of paying the bill. (Baby stops that from happening.)
  • Bats even kills one of his own crewmates as well, and we see that person's body stuffed in a car trunk.
  • Baby is then asked to take the vehicle to the wrecking lot and have it crushed to get rid of the evidence.
  • Bats' psychosis reaches its apogee during a weapons deal with a bunch of crooked cops.
  • He shoots one of them several times, setting off a wild gunfight that leaves several people dead. (Buddy and Darling participate, too, with Darling getting hit in the shoulder.)
  • That incident is the catalyst that sends the film into super-violent territory.
  • One man is then skewered in the chest by a metal pole. (Blood splashes against a car window.)
  • Several people are either injured or killed in various shootings and shootouts.
  • A car gets pushed out of a parking garage several stories up, exploding.
  • A man is shot in the leg and falls from a substantial height (and lands on the burning car).
  • Someone gets shot several times, then hit by a car (his body goes flying over the vehicle), then run over by the same car (though the camera turns away from the presumably grotesque scene).
  • Doc warns Baby that he could have both of his legs broken and everyone he loves killed.
  • He tells Baby that his girlfriend is pretty: "Let's keep it that way," he ominously concludes.
  • Loads of cars and trucks are crashed and smashed and rolled and otherwise abused, leading to probably numerous (but uncounted) injuries.
  • Someone knocks Baby's sunglasses off his face.
  • Someone fires gunshots near one character's face, trying to rupture his eardrums.
  • We see flashbacks of the terrible accident that set Baby on the path that he's on.
  • When he was young, his mother and father were fighting while driving, and their car slammed into a semi, leaving the boy orphaned. (We don't see the crash itself, just the impending collision moments before.)
  • We also see flashbacks of Baby's dad pulling his mom's hair: She later comes into the little boy's bedroom, her face stained with running mascara.
  • Not as violent as some people say, but still earns it's R rating through the violence.
  • Violence throughout the film. However, the camera never lingers therefore a lot of the scenes are not gory.
  • A character opens up his car trunk to reveal a dead body. Not too gory, a blood stain on his shirt.
  • A character runs over another character and then runs over his body again a few moments later (Not visible)
  • A man drives forwards very fast and a man in the passenger seat gets impaled by a lamppost. The impaling itself is out of focus. This is by far the most graphic scene in the movie. There is a bit of blood spurting on the window, windshield, and the rest of the characters have blood on them for the rest of the movie.
  • A man's car is set on fire. He survives but later falls to his death.
  • A woman is shot by police officers several times. The bullet holes aren't seen, but when she falls to the ground, some blood pools.
  • A shootout happens where four people go against around 15. All 15 get shot with blood spurts, but this happens very quickly and the camera never lingers on any specific wound until the ending where the camera shows all of the dead bodies on the ground afterwards.
  • During the ending 30 minutes, a couple police officers get shot without blood spray, and a man gets shot in the shoulder.
  • A man goes against four people with a shotgun. He managed to shoot three of them with no blood spray, before getting shot. The man then shoots the man who shot him in the head multiple times. The man then gets hit by a car which kills him; then gets run over multiple times more (Again, not visible)


  • F-words: 66 G-words: 19 Jes-words: 3 Chr-words: 3 Bit-words: 5 A-words: 21 H-words: 10 D-words: 15
  • Nearly 60 f-words and at least 20 s-words.
  • Jesus' name is abused three times, while God's name is misused eight (seven of those with the word "d--n").
  • We also hear "a--," "b--ch," "d--n," "h---," "p---ies" and "p-ssed."
  • Characters speculate about whether Baby is "retarded."
  • There's a crass reference to a man's genitals.
  • Uses of the "f-word". Infrequent "sh*t," and "g*dd*mn,"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One instance of cigarette smoking
  • Doc smokes.
  • Bats speculates that Buddy and Darling engage in crime to support their drug habit. "I do drugs to support a robbing habit," he counters.
  • He also says that he enjoys three things about the biz: "Money, sex, drugs and action." (Bats' counting skills leave something to be desired.)
  • Debora drinks wine at a fancy dinner.
  • No onscreen drug use, but two references to "nasal problems" (cocaine habits) and a sequence where several characters accuse one another of drug addiction.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Mature teens can handle it.
  • Tame for an R-rated action/crime thriller.
  • Some intense sequences of gun violence. Fairly realistic and can be a bit graphic at a couple scenes.
  • A character continuously flashes back to a car crash involving his loved ones and is visibly distressed by it multiple times.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Depiction of criminal behavior in heists and bank robbery scenes and high speed chase from law enforcement. This is however not glorified as the main character is stuck in this life beacuse of a debt and later is against the other criminals.

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