Baby Driver (2017) Poster


Ansel Elgort: Baby



  • Baby : You and I are a team, Doc.

    Doc : Don't feed me any more lines from Monsters Inc. It pisses me off.

  • Baby : Your tattoo says 'hat'?

    JD : Yeah, it used to say 'hate'. But to increase my chances of employment I had the E removed.

    Baby : How's that working out for you?

    JD : Who doesn't like hats?

  • Buddy : Is she a good girl? You love her?

    Baby : Yes, I do.

    Buddy : That's too bad.

  • Baby : Fuck you, Buddy.

  • Deborah : [Baby is sitting at a table in a diner when Debora, a waitress, notices him] 

    Deborah : So are you starting your day or did you just get off?

    Baby : They call; I go. You know?

    [Instantly, Baby's phone buzzes on the table which he catches without looking] 

    Deborah : So what is it you do?

    Baby : I'm a driver.

    Deborah : Oh, like a chauffeur? Anyone I'd know?

    Baby : I hope not.

    Deborah : What is your name?

    Baby : Baby.

    Deborah : Your name's Baby? B-A-B-Y Baby?

  • Deborah : So when was the last time you hit the road just for fun?

    Baby : Yesterday.

    Deborah : I'm jealous. Sometimes all I want to do is head west on 20 in a car I can't afford with a plan I don't have - just me, my music, and the road.

    Baby : I'd like that, too.

  • Nice Lady Teller : That your boy?

    Baby : Sure. Yeah, he sure is.

    Nice Lady Teller : How old is he?

    Baby : Four.

    Samm : Eight.

    Baby : They grow up so freakin' fast, don't they?

  • Bats : What you ladies listenin' to?

    Baby , Buddy : Queen.

    Bats : Queen, huh? Streisand, now Queen. The fuck? What y'all gonna do? Y'all gonna belt out show tunes on the way to the job?

  • Baby : One more job and I'm done.

    Doc : "One more job" and we're straight. Now I don't think I need to give you the speech about what would happen if you say no, how I could break your legs and kill everyone you love because you already know that, don't you?

    Baby : Yeah.

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