Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Poster

Jared Leto: Niander Wallace



  • Niander Wallace : Pain reminds you the joy you felt was real. More joy, then.

  • Niander Wallace : [from trailer]  Every leap of civilization was built on the back of a disposable workforce, but I can only make so many.

  • Rick Deckard : You don't have children... do you?

    Niander Wallace : Oh, I have millions.

  • Niander Wallace : All the courage in the world cannot alter fact.

  • Niander Wallace : Is it the same now, as then? The moment you met her. All these years, drunk on the memory of its perfection. How shiny her lips. How instant your connection. Did it never occur to you that is why you were summoned in the first place? Designed to do nothing short of fall for her then and there? All to make that single perfect specimen. That is, if you were designed. Love, or mathematical precision? Yes? No?

    Rick Deckard : I know what's real.

  • Niander Wallace : It was very clever to keep yourself empty of information, and all it cost you was everything.

  • Niander Wallace : [to newborn Replicant]  Shh. Happy birthday.

  • Niander Wallace : [to Luv]  You really are the best angel. Aren't you, Luv?

  • Niander Wallace : [to Deckard]  You do not know what pain is yet. You will learn.

  • Niander Wallace : I can see it. As clear as dreaming. He loves her.

  • Niander Wallace : [to a new Replicant]  The first thought one tends to fear, to preserve the clay. It's fascinating. Before we even know what we are, we fear to lose it. Happy Birthday.

  • Niander Wallace : [from trailer]  The key to the future is finally unearthed. Bring it to me.

  • Niander Wallace : That barren pasture. Empty, and salted. The dead space between the stars.

    Niander Wallace : [He places his hand on the newborn Replicant's womb]  Right here.

    Niander Wallace : And this is the seed that we must change for Heaven.

    [He slices her womb] 

    Niander Wallace : I cannot breed them. So help me, I have tried. We need more Replicants than can ever be assembled. Millions, so we can be trillions more. We could storm Eden and retake her.

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