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Back to how it was...
kerrie_blight9 March 2019
Series 7&8 were tough, in fact we gave up hope completely and stopped watching. Recently we gave it another go and got through it and series 9 is not disappointing us so far. TWD is back to how it used to be Humans vs zombies with some added dangers! There have been highs and lows but it keeps you hooked. I hope they continue like this.
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review for season 9: Back on track!!!
christopoulospan14 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Unbelievable!!! after my worst season ever(season8) the show is back on track.! Amazing atmosphere again,new villains and lot of zombies!! Sad that Lincoln will leave the show...i really gave up all hope but thanks god i was wrong! Hope they keep it up and they will no go slow again
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This show is walking dead by its own.
the_blueeyes13 October 2019
The first season was terrific. Frank Darabont at the helm making it a must-watch. But it really declined fast after he was booted of the show. Since season 3 The plot goes on repeat. Group of survivors arrive to a town. Gets attacked by survival madmen led by a psychopath. Our heroes kills him, moves on to the next city and repeat.. It goes on and on like this. And in all the apocalypse going on there is personal dramas and endless long boring dialogue you dont really care about. Soon it was more about these humans and the walking dead was pushed aside to backdrop characters. It is more a soap than a survival show today. It should die..
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Ever since Negan its going downhill
kythia13 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This show used to be good, very personal, sometimes a bit melodramatic, but always filled with strong characters and interesting story arcs.

However, ever since the Negan plot started, this has changed. Built up as a super villain who radiates domination, he instead turned out to be a harmless rocker who switches between "nice uncle from next door" to "bat swinging psycho killer" whenever the script demands it.

Negan was supposed to surpass the Governour in terms of cruelty and malice, but in my opinion he doesn't even get close. The Governour had charisma, style, and above all, a real reason for all his experiments; his daughter. We still don't know why or how Negan came to be.

Season 6 was full of chest-pounding and inevitably doomed plotting by the heroes, but it was still fun to watch them descend into mass murder. Especially Carol had incredibly intense moments.

Season 7, after the reveal of Negan, turned out to be a super slow recuperation with the nice uncle coming over for spaghetti. They tried to show how he controls his people with rules and by burning them and so on, but overall it was a super tame story with "Soon(TM)" all over it.

Instead of fixing that in season 8, they now bury the show in one action episode after another. And its not the somewhat smart action we saw in earlier seasons, but 80's style A-Team nonsense action. Cars are bullet sponges, ammo is thrown around like its World War II, a .50 caliber machine gun mows down 50 people with ease but can't hit one dude in a Jeep, and there is no stopping to all the shooting. Even when people are having a quiet moment to talk, you hear often hear shooting in the background.

We rarely have those epic Daryl moments anymore, Rick has become a a hollow shell of a leader, Carl seems to be on vacation. Several other iconic characters were lost and have been replaced with cardboard gunmen.

The Walking Dead needs to stop playing World War Z, cease its nation building, and return to what made it great. Everyday survival by interesting characters in a hostile world.
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ivantoop-0784727 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Why? I mean just finish the show. It became stupid. Everything is. Rules are changing according to needs of the script. Its foolishness. I gave 5 beacuse of old good times. If you just watch from season 6 it would be 2. Actors are leaving. New people are appearing all the time in supposed dead world. From where? How? Walkers more and more of them? How? Iys just doesn't make sense anymore. Sorry guys. Yiu should end it season ago.
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Season 9 is bringing TWD back from the Dead
lukeborg-707776 March 2019
So far season 9 has really kicked it up a notch. The last couple of seasons did feel like they were starting to drag but with the addition of the new characters and the time jump the mid season finale added has really kept me intrigued throughout the entirety of this season. Hopefully the show will continue to keep things fresh. Looking forward to the future of this show and the direction it has decided to go.
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Where the hell is this show going after 10 seasons
kmi5874615 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This show should have followed rick on the's where this show needs to go. Forward. Season 10 is adding more pointless sub plots that no one cares about. Human vs human with the occasional stab a few zombies in between. This show needs to get to the point. What is causing the whole zombie thing and the resolve. Do we have to wait another 10 seasons to get there. This is more like days of our lives now. Actually, it has been for years. I'm out.
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From Zombies and horror to Steven Seagal and guns.
contact-7667618 November 2017
I've been watching this since 2010. I LOVE zombie movies. Dawn of The Dead is my favorite. Back in the early 2000 there were several great zombie movies. Nowadays they are awful. More guns, empty characters, and explosions plus bad scripts than anything else. How in the world TWD transformed into a Steven Seagal movie? I remember the beginning was so thrilling … suspenses, a story, characters that you cared about, scary zombies. But after season 3 or 4 everything turned into guns and people fighting people. Cheap scripts, retarded dialogues, poor CGI. Take any episode from season 4 on and you can broadcast it on a cheap TV station as "action" movie. No one would tell the difference.

Right now you cannot care about any character. Bad actors that play as much as the trees in the background die by the dozen by each episode. Flashbacks and "emotional" (dumb) dialogues want to make us care about someone. But you can't. Zombies do not matter anymore, only rarely when they suddenly matter. It is either this image of them as "pests" most of the time, or lethal killers out of a sudden. I am sick of watching a cheap action movie that has nothing to do with a zombie movie. A zombie movie was a zombie movie because of the thriller surrounding this worldwide catastrophe of people turning into these creepy and horror things. That was the MAIN factor. TWD has nothing to do with that anymore.

If TWD would have kept 4-5 main characters and presented their struggle to live in this horror world full of zombies, then that could have been a great series. But even that has to stop. The only reason TWD continues is money. That's all. They make more money off the show. Why do you think the action happens in forests and zombies are mainly seen in packs from distance? Because it is cheap. No need to pay for shooting in a town and pay for complex CGI, a forest is perfect.

So. I loved this series but now I think it is the cheapest garbage out there. Honestly I don't care what happens anymore so I'll finally give up. Last episode "Some Guy" did it for me. I just could not bare anymore. I don't care who dies, who lives, because there is no story, no character, nothing intelligent about this series, nothing to watch.

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Gets Worse The More You Watch
jigp-722001 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Started out strong. Was initially hooked on the first couple seasons. After a while the show just started to lose its way and I eventually had to give up in the beginning of season 6. Show started to feel more like a chore to watch rather than something to do to relax. I found myself checking how far along the episode was in Netflix quite often wondering "when is this gonna be over." Forced myself to keep watching to see how the story progressed but like I said gave up in season 6. I may come back and give it a chance again so I can complete the series, but what made me lose faith in the series is the overall direction they were taking the show! MAJOR SPOILERS: !!!!!!!

- - - - - Out of nowhere the writers of the show decided to KAMIKAZE the majority of the main cast in the earlier seasons. In the middle seasons of The Walking Dead they start to kill off main characters for literally no reason it seems. It started to piss me off not gonna lie. It seemed they had no more ideas on how to further progress the story so the writers were just like "let's axe this character this week" "oh we can do this character the next week after." LOL. Literally wtf it seemed like they were throwing darts at a board blindfolded with cast member pictures and that's how they would decide who would die in the next episode. It really feels like the killing spree of characters came outta nowhere and seemed uncalled for, for the way the show was going. Absolutely tragic because I believe the show would be way better today if they kept the majority of the starting cast and continued to evolve their storyline rather than the way they went about it.
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You wouldn't judge a boxers entire career on his last two fights
stevenrotherforth1 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The Walking Dead

I think the title of this review sums up TWD pretty accurately. What started out as a decent prospect then worked its way up through the ranks to become TV show champion of the world. But the last few seasons for me became slow, predictable and lacked the punch that the earlier seasons would week after week knock you out with. Like an aging boxer this show doesn't really know where to go and what to do anymore. So it keeps trying to do what it did in its youth but to lesser effect. Is it time to hang up those gloves?

For anyone unfamiliar with the story TWD is about a group of people trying survive a zombie apocalypse. What becomes apparent is that you should fear the dead but fear the living even more. It's dog eat dog, or in most cases human eating human. Survival of the fittest. While the show started out very promising and over its eight seasons developed a bunch of characters that you will truly begin to care for, the show seems to have lost its way and has become almost as clumsy as the dithering dead that walk the Earth. During the shows entire run ( I'm currently watching season eight as I write this) there has been some truly magnificent television. Some great storytelling, nail biting, riveting moments that shocked.

Characters come and go and the long run time of each season helps us get to know each character thoroughly. They became almost like family members. So when one of them does meet their demise it's upsetting. There's been some great villains and foes along the way too. The Governor and Negan being most memorable. Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan being probably the best thing about the more recent seasons. There's characters that have conflicting views. Shane played by Jon Bernthal being a good example. This show tugs on all the emotions. There's pain, anger, fear and despair. There's also the well timed piece of humour here and there to show that despite all that has happened to them these people are still human.

The production value of this show is of very high quality. Only the odd piece of CGI occasionally lets the side down. Particularly the CGI flames used instead of practical effects. This is odd as the practical and makeup effects in this show are second only to Game of Thrones. Prosthetic makeup effects are Oscar worthy. Can a TV show get an Oscar? I don't know but if it can this show definitely should. Zombies are brought to life, if that makes any sense by some truly wonderful makeup design. Animatronics are very realistic giving the whole show a level of authenticity usually associated with a high budget Hollywood blockbuster.

A criticism I do have is that the show doesn't look and sound as good as it should. As a High definition experience the picture is often grainy with no vibrancy. Maybe this is intentional to show the grubby broken down world that the show is set in. Sound doesn't seem to immerse as well as it should. While I'll admit that it isn't bad it just doesn't sound as involving as some other big budget TV shows. Overall TWD is a superb show. One that will go down as a classic. It may have fallen slightly from grace over the latter years but it still remains a 10/10 experience and one that you should definitely check out.
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Little House on the Prairie with Zombies
svensonfam23 September 2019
The first two seasons were "edge of your seat, much watch the next episode" stuff. Since then it has gotten progressively worse. I saw a review that said it has gone from a zombie survival show to a soap opera. Season 9 is the epitome of this. It is about who is sleeping with who. how will they build the bridge, will all the groups get along, how do we get this plow to work, who will work the fields, how do we treat this illness, etc. The zombies play a very little part and I feel like I am watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie more than The Walking Dead. And of course with the typical liberal lean on everything. Apparently one of the requirements of surviving zombies is being gay. Season 9 moves at a snails pace and is a complete snoozer. I am at episode six, and literally, all that has happened could have been done in less than 20 minutes. It is time to bury this series for good.
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WAS AMAZING! Now just too long and dumb...
camro-4315414 October 2019
Walking Dead is an amazing show for the first 5 or 6 seasons. Now it's just like looking at the same episode and "conflicts " they've already previously had in every other season. Now it's just repetitive goofy dumb silly crap. They should've ended the series already with a bang. Too late for that now. I used to LOVE this show, now I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. GOT knew when to stop. Breaking Bad knew when to stop etc...Why is there 10 seasons of this? With the last 5 seasons being total poopoo!
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Adios TWD!
manolo-webmaster12 December 2016
They've lost me, the producers have lost me. How many times can they recycle the same plot? This is no longer humanity vs zombies, this is humans vs humans with a unnecessary dose of violence and twisted psyche, all for the sake of maintaining ratings and milking the cash cow. The writers creativity have been depleted for a few seasons now, there has been no direction, no gradual learning, no story development. All the physical moving around is just the illusion of story to mask the fact that there isn't a story being told at all. The show isn't going anywhere. I have stopped watching, and I feel liberated from this burden of a show. TWD has slowly decomposed into a gross, unintelligent TV show. Who keeps making gas, electricity... but then there's no radio communication... What happened to the military, the government, smart people, common sense... I understand the appeal for certain demographics, but I, for once, demand more from entertainment than this garbage, good bye!!!
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Show is dead.
deckblack28 February 2018
Since season 7 the show has slipped in the trash. The writers are just idiots.
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The Pandering Dead
guinnesswrig4 November 2019
Man I used to be so obsessed with this show.. I would literally plan my weekends around being home on time to catch the next episode.. I never thought I'd ever have anything bad to say about it but, sadly, it's just lost me.. They literally killed off all the most interesting characters and replaced them with people that are simply uninteresting and very difficult to actually care about.. It's almost as though the writers are just trying to pander to every "group" they possibly can.. Since when did PC politics have to play such a role in a once great tv show? It's sad.. The show was so much better before all the pandering began.. Oh well, Life goes on
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Protracted zombie action
ullasharma-9561910 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I am late to the wagon - I just started watching it and only 3 seasons down.

I like zombie movies and this series is probably one of the best zombie action I have seen. It's hard to have a real story line in this kind of movies because there are only so many possibilities. But the amount of drama introduced in this series , I would rather call it 'zombie drama'.

It's nice to see how the characters mature around an existing doomsday ecosystem. However - there are a few logical mistakes here that any zombie survivors would learn quickly.

1) they seem to have no contingency plans whatsoever. Every time zombies make dramatic entrance and people scramble for things and/or start screaming. 2) they make no modifications to vehicles. The first thing anyone would do is to have reinforced vehicles - protrusions in front of the vehicle and so on (refer to resident evil). Even the prison scene where there are zombie hoardes around and wirefences are the only ones that keep them alive - they do nothing. 3) they don't trust renewable energy - one of the thing to raid would be to an electric store and grab as many solar panels as possible. No. 4) somehow no one has addressed the 'human waste problem'. Everyone is living perfectly fine living indoors for months to come. 5) they killed off Shane - it was a great character to have used for revenge on Rick later. Big mistake. 6) over the top drama with Rick and Lori - don't get me started about this one.

Overall it's very good so far , apart from the problems
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They killed this show...
szeregowieclucas13 February 2018
I use to be big fan of this show. I really liked seasons 1-6 but last good episode I have seen was s07e01 since then it is more and more boooooring...All season eight so far (I'm on s08e08) is just terrible. It's barely watchable to be honest. The Walking Dead have so much is very sad to witness what they done to it and how it is being murdered now.
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Even if you think you do not like this genre WATCHTHIS
arizonamatt127 October 2012
I only recently was talked into watching the first episode by my Daughter as I avoid the Undead, Ghost, Vampire genre. I was blown away! I could not stop watching and had to get EVERY episode! They made 6 episodes year 1 and about 12 year 2, at 42 minutes an episode the entire year 1&2 run time is around 12 hours total and COULD RUN AS ONE 12 HOUR MOVIE, and you would still not wanna leave for popcorn. The end of each episode left me dying for the next one, The writing is incredible, the character development amazing and don't suppose you know who will live or die here cause you will have no idea. The quality makes it seem as if all other series are quaint and boring. I find myself thinking about the next episode every day. VERY WATCHABLE; VERY ENTERTAINING; GREAT GREAT SERIES!!
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My honest perception
danv8020027 August 2011
So after reading the review "An honest perception" I felt like I needed to write my own review. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, that being said I have to disagree with the reviewer.

So here are the reasons I like the show.

First, character development, this is not usually a very big trait in the Zombie genre. If you only watched 3 episodes, this is a big part of what you watched. They take the time to give you a slight background of the characters, a chance for you to get to know them. For those of us that are big fans of the Zombie genre it gave us a chance to think "Who would I be?" in this situation.

Second, the story doesn't follow a straight line. This was a point of contention in the other review. I personally like the multiple story lines. It keeps things interesting and keeps it from becoming a boring show where I can foresee how everything is going to turn out. And before anyone says it…YES I know this is based off a graphic novel. I haven't read it and will refrain from reading it for a while.

Third, the zombies look and act pretty bad ass. The make up is done great, not a bunch of CGI which is so common in today's world. So anyway…if you aren't a fan of the zombie genre to begin with then yeah, you probably aren't going to get why so many of us love the show. However, I think most fans of the genre will love this show.

So in closing, for those of us who love the genre, It's a weekly dose of zombie apocalypse.

For those that aren't fans of the genre, when the zombie apocalypse happens and you don't know what to do…don't come crying to me and my friends…you'll just slow us down.

On second thought…you may come in handy in case we need to make a hasty retreat…
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Seasons 1-3 awesome.....then meh!
tomsparrow-4043915 October 2019
First 3 seasons where brilliant, edge of your seat stuff, some real intense scenes with the walkers and the group fighting for survival etc. Characters where great and you got to know and love/hate them. After that its a bit like a broken record, very repetitive. Also the fact that the walkers are almost now just a sub plot is very annoying. Its more like a gang rivalry series than a post apocalyptic zombie horror story. Its a shame we cant rate each season separately as i would give 1-3 ten stars, 4-5 seven stars, 6 five stars and 7- 10 just two stars, teetering on 1 star. I hope the finish the whisperer story asap as the alpha/beta storyline is too cringe to watch at times.
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They need new writers.....
Crankgorilla26 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If the writers cannot make a story from this scenario they need to be fired. They need to be fired. This show is focusing on all the wrong things. People don't watch this show for drama. People don't watch this show for political correctness. People don't watch this show to see hardened characters turn into everyday sheeple. As if Negan is going to be threatened by the pillow biter. As if Negan is going to be threatened by that junkie looking twerp Daryl. As if they're going to be running around with makeshift axes and farm implements for primary weapons. As if a kid short of puberty is offering military advice and fighting in the front line. As if that pack of idiots in the masks are a real threat or even a real possibility. Get a grip. This series was a money making gold dispenser. I don't know what your malfunction is AMC, but your team needs to be killed off by zombies. You've lost the plot.
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What started great has turned to awful.
billking666625 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Everything started sliding backwards once Rick hooked up with Michonne. The Negan war lasted 2 Seasons longer than it should have. The speeches by Carl were enough to make me nauseous. It got to the point where I couldn't stand to watch the one-eyed kid and his ramblings.Negan, in all his evil glory is a joy to watch. He has true character. Even Eugene has developed into an interesting character. This show started as a great thriller, where everyone had to problem solve out of impossible situations. Now it's just a bunch of worn out characters telling each other how wonderful and special each other are, to the point of ridiculous. Also the diversification of the show has gone over the top. Every leader of the 3 settlements is now a partner of a salt and pepper team. The show no longer offers anything interesting or exciting. Just a rehash of stabbing zombies in the heads and far too many characters, with no development. What started out as a core team of survivors is now just mass confusion. I will not be watching Season 10.
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Top 10 Favourite in my Lifetime
pobrien-68-15907611 March 2019
OMG, this TV Show is unbelievable, casting is off the charts, every single person on this show is amazing. Casting Jeffrey Dean Morgan and now Ryan Hurst (from Bates Motel and Sons of Anarchy) brilliant, as well as all of the others, actress playing Alpha and Judith, plus the new group, just blows my mind. This show just seems to be better and better and for someone that loves any good Thriller, Horror, Drama all rolled up into one, I will continue to watch even it is another 20 years.
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I don't think this show is about Zombies anymore
fff-140930 October 2019
I watched the series till season 9 and all what I am watching is a repetitive scenes they encounter new people and fight them like they ran out of ideas The real TWD was the first 2 seasons only I am not saying there is no good episodes in between but it's only 1 or 2 episode each season
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Was a a 5.
SteevoCanuck28 July 2018
To keep this short and sweet, I was the BIGGEST fan of the Walking Dead. Unfortunately, several seasons in, it started to fall apart; straying from something we could relate to, to something that relied on improbable, unrealistic, and ridiculous situations, characters, and plot-lines that became increasingly unbearable and too cringe-worthy to watch. The introduction of the "garbage heap people" was a definitive turning point for me. I've continued to watch and will probably see it through to the end simply due to the fact that I have a morbid curiosity as to where this unfortunate train-wreck will end up. Do yourself a favour and watch it from the beginning until it starts to offend your sensibilities and then just walk away: believe me, it won't/doesn't get any better beyond that. 10 stars to start...5 at the finish.
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