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  • The Walking Dead is based on the on-going series of comic books of the same name, written by Robert Kirkman.

    While some aspects of the story do remain unchanged, there are also a number of differences between the television series and the comics. Daryl and T-Dog, for example, are characters created for the show. Edit

  • Keep in mind that this is still fairly early in the zombie apocalypse. The group had actually not seen a zombie near their camp before and considered themselves safe. Since it is so early they probably still believe that order will be restored sometime soon. So they're not thinking of long term survival like they will later and have not considered barricading themselves in some place. Edit

  • Three episodes, especially the pilot, of the first season have been shortened for international audiences as the series first aired on TV. Although the pilot is featured in its longer cut, episode two and five are censored on several European home video releases, like the recently released DVDs and Blu-ray in Great Britain. Edit

  • For one reason or another, certain members of Hershel's family are not included on the show. In the comics most of Hershel's family aren't well developed as characters and play little role in the plot, so the show runners probably decided it was just easier to cut those characters out. Maggie, Hershel, Beth, Patricia, and Otis are all important to the storyline in the comics, so that is why they are included on the show. Edit

  • No. T-Dog is an original character added to the TV show who does not appear in the comics. His real name is Theodore Douglas. Tyreese was introduced in the third season. Edit

  • (Warning: This whole answer may be a spoiler.)

    During the time Morgan has been absent from the series, Morgan and Duane lived around King County the whole year. One day while clearing a store, Duane was bitten by his own undead mother, and Morgan is finally forced to shoot her. After Duane's death, Morgan started to lose his sanity, believing he has the mission to clear all the walkers from town, he started to set traps and wrote down name of people he knew that turned and then were put down by his own traps.

    When Rick, Carl, and Michonne go on a run into King County, Morgan (covered in Kevlar) holds them at gunpoint from a roof. Unaware it is him, they have a shootout. As Morgan tries to pursue Rick, Carl ultimately shoots Morgan in the chest, knocking him unconscious. When Morgan comes around, he attacks Rick not knowing who he is, eventually he remembers and states that he tried to contact Rick every morning for several weeks but that the radio transmission was never answered. He explains what happened to Duane. He is offered to join the group at the prison, but he realizes that Rick is taking a lot of guns, meaning that they are preparing for a war. Morgan claims that Rick, Carl and his people will die either by bullets or by walkers, and refuses to join them.

    Later on in the fifth season, we catch up to Morgan who has now found inner peace, and carries a quarterstaff as a weapon. He travels to Terminus, and finds the "No Sanctuary" sign left by Rick. He moves on and follows the marks left by the Hunters to know how to get home and finds Gabriel's church, prays, and finds the map to Washington that Abraham had left behind, stating that the new world will need Rick Grimes. Morgan sets off for Washington, faces off against the Wolves, saves Aaron and Daryl, and is reunited with Rick, the two of the them now caught up with each other.

    In the comics, Rick returns for Morgan and Duane a year or so after parting from them. He finds a despondent Morgan keeping a zombie Duane chained up in their house. Rick convinces Morgan to come with his group. Edit

  • The Prisoners have been surviving on the stock of food, though, how much food they had is unknown as Tomas stated that it runs out fast. In the comics, the cafeteria was stocked with food that fed the whole prison for a year and seeing as there were only five of them, they would have lasted at least five years or more. In the comics they also explain that they go to the bathroom in buckets and then empty them into one of the unused freezers to contain the smell. Edit

  • Andrea confirmed in the 3rd episode of season 3, that around 7-8 months has passed. Lori was in her first trimester of pregnancy in Season 2, but in Season 3, she was on her ninth month. Edit

  • At the end of the first season, next to last episode, we see Jenner making a report on the computer. He says, "194 days since Wildfire declared. 63 days since the disease abruptly went global." Based on the scene, the ZA is world-wide and there is no country left untouched by the plague.

    The spinoff "Fear the Walking Dead" deals with the events of the zombie apocalypse in southern California and northern Mexico. Edit

  • In contrast to the first season of the hit series The Walking Dead, which had some issues with censorship, the second season did not have such problems. Still, two episodes have endured minor changes that are not directly linked to a reduction of violence. The episodes Chupacabra (2011) (S2 E5) and 18 Miles Out (2012) (S2 E10) are missing content in the home video releases. Both the German and US Blu-ray disc release as well as the iTunes shop only contain the shorter cuts of these episodes, which makes it likely that the releases of other countries are also based on this master. However, the US HD-TV aired the complete versions of the episodes. When AMC showed them, an advertisement block was inserted so a better continuity or the simple reason to fit the episode's runtime into the program schedule could be suitable explanations for the exclusive material. Edit

  • At The Walking Dead soundtrack, including scene descriptions, can be found on TuneFind. Edit

  • Each spring, Darkwoods Productions, Circle of Confusion and Valhalla Entertainment are in production on the newest season of The Walking Dead in Georgia. The show's casting directors in Los Angeles and Atlanta cast new recurring, guest star and day player roles. The extras and stand-ins are cast throughout production. The details for future casting calls and auditions may appear here. Edit

  • The scale of the timeline is left somewhat ambiguous, but as of the project to lure the massive herd of quarry zombies far away from Alexandria (in Season 6), under two years and at least eighteen months had passed since Rick left King County for Atlanta (in Season 1).

    The first season of the show takes place over the course of days, and the beginning of the second season picks up right after the ending of the first. The second season takes place, as it would stand to reason due to Carl's injury, over the course of weeks. There is a significant gap of time between the events of the second season's end and the third season's beginning, as Lori is around eight months pregnant and the protagonists' hair has grown longer. The third season takes place over the course of weeks exceeding a month's time. Another significant gap of time exists between the third and fourth seasons' events, as Judith has grown several months (the last of which, according to Beth's account, involved no casualties). The first half of the fourth season takes place, as it would stand to reason due to the flu epidemic, over the course of weeks; the last half over the course of days. The beginning of the fifth season roughly picks up right after the ending of the fourth, with a gap of no more than a week. The fifth season takes place, as it would stand to reason due to Carol's injuries and the overall multi-stop trip from the Georgia to Virginia, over the course of weeks likely exceeding a month. The protagonists spent at least a week settling into Alexandria. A gap of around a month's time exists between the fifth and sixth seasons' events. The sixth season seems to take place over the course of days, and the beginning of the seventh season picks up right at the ending of the sixth.

    A companion question to this wonder is that of Carl's age and growth. It would seem that he was either twelve or thirteen years old before the events of the third season, either thirteen or fourteen years old during the events, and either fourteen or fifteen years old in events thereafter all the way into seventh season. The technical circumstances of the show's shooting schedules presents what could be an error in the story's presentation, as the actor who played Carl had actually grown from ten years old to sixteen years old over the course of production, but then again, Carl's growth could be attributed to growth spurts in spite of the famine faced in an apocalyptic world. In the comic books and graphic novels, Carl is twelve years old, through and through. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Not entirely.

    Series Level

    Sasha Williams, Daryl Dixon, T-Dog, and Noah are all characters invented for the show. Tara Chambler does not exist in the comics, but is based on the character of Tara Chalmers from the novel The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. Carol is a significantly different character in the show than in the comics. In the comics, Carol appears to be younger and is much more emotionally fragile, perhaps even mentally ill. In the comic series, the Governor cuts off one of Rick's hands, leaving him permanently maimed.

    Season 1

    The first episode is a rather faithful interpretation of the first issue of the comic book. The main differences are (1) the opening with the little girl zombie, (2) an extended scene before Rick gets shot, (3) the show containing more background on Morgan and Duane Jones and (4) the comic not showing us the fate of Lori until the next issue and while also not featuring Morgan's wife and Duane's mother, Jenny. The remaining episodes of the first season diverge fairly widely in terms of plot. The general idea of the camp outside of Atlanta is the same and most of the characters in the camp are in the comic.

    In the comic, it is Glenn alone who rescues Rick rather than a group. In the comic, they only make a trip back into Atlanta to get supplies and guns. The Dixon brothers, the extended zombie siege of the department store, and the Vatos were all invented for the show. In addition in the comic, Shane dies before they break camp, and there is no CDC subplot. The TV show adds several characters such as the Dixon brothers, T-Dog, Ed Peletier (who was said to be dead before the events of the comics), Jacqui and the Morales family (though they could be the counterparts to Allen & Donna's family that consists of four members).

    It also makes some changes to existing characters. For example, in the comics Lori and Shane do not have an ongoing romantic relationship but rather have a furtive, one-night stand outside of Atlanta. Carol seems younger in the comics than in the show. Also, Andrea is significantly younger in the comics, being in her mid twenties and relatively fresh out of college. In contrast to the show, the comic shows Andrea being a naturally gifted shooter who quickly becomes one of the group's top zombie killers.

    Season 2

    The second season also diverges from the books. The idea of Carl being accidentally shot by Otis and taken to Hershel's barn is the same though Otis in the comics shot Carl as he believed he was a zombie whereas the TV series Otis accidentally shot him in a hunting accident. However, the show spends much more extensive time at Hershel's farm than the books do. In the books, there is no zombie attack on the road or the farm. Also the zombie herds were introduced much later in the comic series, and Sophia does not go missing and end up as a zombie. In the books, Hershel's family is bigger, consisting of seven kids, although several of the characters are barely developed. Only two of Hershel's children from the comics appear though Shawn Greene was Hershel's oldest and biological child. He's younger than Maggie and is Hershel's step-son in the series.

    In the books, Hershel is rather less standoffish than he is on the show, where he's much kinder and calmer, and allows Rick's group to stay, whereas he kicks them out in the comics. The fact that the barn contains penned up zombies is revealed very early in the group's stay as Hershel had no reason to keep it a secret in the comics while, in the show, Hershel's family keeps it secret for much of the season. Rick in the comics wanted to put down the barn zombies while in the series he cooperated with Hershel to pen them up in the barn.

    In the show, Otis is depicted as an overweight man and is killed by Shane while trying to get medical supplies for Carl. In the comics, Otis is depicted as being of average build. While generally good-natured, the comic version of Otis is less heroic than the show version and is also a racially bigoted. The comic version of Otis lives longer than on the TV show, same with Patricia who was Otis's girlfriend in the books where their relationship is not so strong, whereas they have a strong marriage in the TV series. The comic lacks the subplot about Randall and a group of attackers as well as the conflict over what to do with them. In the comics, it was Carl that killed Shane when he attempted to kill Rick who then put down his zombified form back in the Atlanta camp. In the show, Rick & Carl's roles were reversed, and Lori was upset about Shane's death while her reaction was the opposite in the comics. In contrast, Rick never killed a living survivor before the events of the prison whereas he killed three in the series.

    Perhaps the biggest change from the comics is the fate of Dale. In the show, he is killed by a zombie. In the books, he lived much longer, also, by the time they reach Hershel's farm in the comics, Dale and Andrea have already begun a sexual relationship. During the end of the farm, Hershel and his remaining kids join Rick's group on his journey. In the comics, he decided to stay at his farm, only joining Rick's group later on. And lastly, it was Otis who Michonne saved to join the group whereas it's Andrea in the TV series though Michonne was introduced earlier, right after the farm event, whereas her comic counterpart's was introduced a couple of weeks after the group finds the prison, also noting, Andrea never gets separated from her group and is the one that finds the prison in the comics. In the comics, Rick finds out at the prison that everyone is infected. In the TV series, he knew before the farm events.

    Sophie doesn't die in the comics books like she did on the show. She didn't die yet.

    Season 3

    The third seasons strays further away from the comics, the group finding the prison just a day or two, whereas it took them eight months to find in the series. The prison also consisted of four inmate survivors instead of five: Axel and Andrew are the only two of four Prisoners to be introduced from the comics though Andrew is more confident than his comic counterpart. None of the Prisoners in the comics attempted to kill Rick while two of the inmates in the series did try to kill him. The leader of the Prisoners was a lot more welcoming than the one in the series. The Prisoners were killed much quickly in the TV series which also consists of the idea of one of the inmates, Andrew, killing two members of Rick's group, as the TV series inmate caused the deaths due to revenge while the comic inmate was an obsessed serial killer who pretended to be a harmless tax evader but was actually one who targets women and beheads them. The victims of the outcomes are different.

    Lori Grimes died much earlier in the series. In the comics, she was killed by a Woodbury guard along with Judith in the final battle of the Woodbury-Prison arc. The hallucinating phone conversation Rick has with Lori occurs but it is only her that Rick talks to in the comics. The TV series has Rick speaking to Amy, Jim and Jacqui before speaking with his deceased wife, the conversations taking place in the prison whilst it occurred after the Prison arc in the comic.

    The television version of the Governor is significantly more handsome than in the comic book. In the comics, he has long stringy hair and a mustache. On the show, it is Andrea and Michonne who encounter the Governor and are taken back to Woodbury. In the comic, it is Glenn, Rick and Michonne who stumble upon Woodbury while looking for a crashed helicopter (which was a news helicopter instead of a National Guard one). Andrea never meets the Governor, but only sees him from a distance. In contrast to the show, where the Governor maintains an air of cautious friendship; in the comic, he quickly establishes himself as hostile to Rick's group and cuts off Rick's hand and brutally tortures and rapes Michonne. Only one inmate (Axel) in the comics gains the groups trust while in TV series, two inmates (Oscar and Axel) gain the groups trust and officially joins them. Caesar Martinez appears to be the only supporting character from Woodbury to appear from the comics. He also plays a bigger role than his comic counterpart. In the TV series, he is one of the Governor's lieutenants, while his relationship with the Governor is unknown in the comics as they only interacted off panel. It is also worth noting that Martinez wore a bandanna in the comics rather than a baseball hat.

    The comic book Governor kills any survivor upon meeting them and has them chopped up and fed to the arena zombies unless they have something that is of value to him. The TV Governor welcomed Andrea and Michonne to Woodbury. Dr. Stevens plays an important role in the comics and is a Caucasian man. For the series, his character was changed to an Black woman with a minor role. The Governor doesn't know the whereabouts of the prison, while his TV counterpart knows the exact location and wants to destroy the prison, whereas his comic counterpart wants to take over it.

    Also in the comics, the arena zombies including Penny never had their teeth and nails taken out for protection, and it only occurs once where the Governor takes teeth out of Penny after being mutilated by Michonne. The confrontation between Michonne and the Governor plays out differently in the comics: he doesn't put up a fight but rather he was tied up and in addition to losing his eye where it was pulled out instead of being stabbed, he also loses an arm and private parts in the process. Penny is spared, while in the TV series she is killed by Michonne. In the comics, there was no attack on Woodbury for a rescue mission.

    In the comics, Tyreese was introduced before Hershel's farm with his daughter and her boyfriend, whereas he was introduced later on in the TV series with his sister and Allen, Donna and Ben. Allen and Donna were part of Rick's Atlanta group in the comics where Allen was a lot nicer and friendly to others and was also good friends with Rick. Allen & Donna's deaths occurred before the Governor's introduction, however, in the TV series, they died after the Governor was introduced. Ben in the comics had a twin and was younger than Carl.

    Morgan Jones was also brought back much earlier: Rick returns to his home town to find him after the prison siege in the comic series (in which Morgan decided to join him while he declined in the series). Axel was killed midway in the Prison arc while he dies in the final stage in the comics, his death is the same but his killer is different.

    Rick's group suffered the most casualties in the comics, forcing him and the remaining survivors to flee the prison, while the Governor suffers the most casualties in the series. In the comics, the Governor never turns on and kills his own people but one of his people turns on him and kills him in the comics. The Woodbury residents do not join Rick's group in the comics, but rather their fates were left unknown after the prison siege. The biggest change was the death of Andrea who is currently alive in the comics along with Sophia.

    In addition, the Governor's identity is more specific. In the first of the novel series which tells his story, his real name is Brian Blake who was actually Penny's uncle, a weak cowardly loser, and Philip was his successful younger brother who was a headstrong leader with anger issues who was killed in the apocalypse by his best friend after Philip began murdering people to feed his zombified daughter Penny human flesh, between which, Brian was blamed and beaten by Philip for failing to protect her. After avenging his brother's death, he took on Philip's personality traits along with his name and seems to even take on Philip's personality. It is safe to assume he also adopted his brother's insanity during his role as the Governor. In the show, the Governor tells Andrea that his name is Phillip, which may or may not be true, and in general is known to be Penny's father, which does seem to be true. In the subsequent season, he goes by the name of Brian to another group of people. The Governor utters his real name once in the comics while pulling out his zombified nieces teeth.

    Carol died much earlier in the comics books. It was said she allowed a walker to bite her neck off, in an apparent suicide.

    Season 4

    The character of Bob Stookey was a local Woodbury resident who was an alcoholic that was a good friend of the Governor. In the series, however, he is just a survivor with no definite connection to Woodbury or the Governor and also seems to be a recovering alcoholic. The series has changed his age and ethnicity, as Stookey in the comics is an elderly Caucasian man while the series has him as a young Black man. The idea of an illness occurring and killing survivors has also been invented for the show as the comics haven't explored that concept. Rick and Tyreese do engage in a fist fight but it is Tyreese who ends it, savagely beating Rick to a pulp. In the TV series, it is the opposite: with Rick only knocking down Tyreese after one punch. Carol in the comics has never killed while her TV counterpart killed numerous counts of zombies and two people in cold blood.

    The Chamblers family (who are the TV counterparts of the Chalmers family) only appear in the first novel series, Rise of the Governor, which tells the story of the Governor in the early days of the apocalypse and how he came to be before encountering Rick Grimes and his group. The novel only consisted of three members of the family: David Chalmers (father), and Tara and April Chalmers (daughters). The TV series, however, only features David and Tara, April's name having been changed to Lilly. In the comics, a character named Lilly was a Woodbury resident who plays a vital role and is the main character in the second novel series titled Road to Woodbury, and there was no Meghan Chalmers though there was a Megan Lafferty who appeared in the second novel where she's good friends with Lilly and is an adult. Tara was the eldest of the two sisters in the novel, whereas in the TV series, she's the youngest. Also, Tara held a grudge towards the Governor (going by the name of Phillip) after he kills her zombified father in the novel while in the series she understood and was okay with the Governor (going solely by the name of Brian) after killing her zombified father. In addition, the Governor never gets romantically involved with April but rather it was his brother who does (and winds up raping her during their encounter) which resulted in Tara throwing them out; and the remaining Chalmers sisters never returned in future storylines after throwing out the Governor and his group.

    In the show, Caesar Martinez's death plays out differently than his comic counterpart's who died before Woodbury's first attack on the prison in the comics as he was killed by Rick Grimes; as Rick believed Martinez betrayed his trust, after Martinez helps him, Michonne and Glenn escape from Woodbury, only to run off back to Woodbury after learning the location of the prison to inform the Governor of their location, while claiming that he went back to bring the good Woodbury people to the prison, possibly legitimately as his relationship with the Governor was never explored. The Governor and Woodbury were already in possession of a tank. In the TV series, the Governor joins a group who are in possession of one.

    The final assault upon the prison is played out in a similar manner but with different events. It was Tyreese who was captured when he and Michonne went out to hunt down the Governor after the first assault. Tyreese was decapitated in the Governor's second attack upon the prison. Unlike the TV series, comic book Michonne was never present when the decapitation took place as she was never captured and thus never present in the final attack upon the prison. Hershel Greene is killed by the Governor in the comics but with shot to the head, whereas in the TV series, he takes comic book Tyreese's place and was decapitated in the final prison battle with Michonne present, as they had both been captured during a supply run instead of due to a failed assassination attempt as in the comics. Maggie and Glenn were never present in the second and third battles, as they had retreated back to Hershel's farm after the first attack. In the series, however, they were both present. Rick never engaged the Governor in a melee brawl in the comics, as the Governor was smaller and weaker.

    The Governor's death plays out differently in the comics. He is killed by Lilly Caul (the main character in Road to Woodbury) after she guns down Lori Grimes, only to find out she also killed Judith Grimes, and comes to the realization that he was bad and in turn kills him by shooting him in the head after the remaining prison survivors escaped. In the series, Lilly Chambler shoots him in the head to put him out of his misery after Michonne stabs him in the chest. In addition, only Rick and Carl survived the final attack and are joined later by Michonne who went to the prison to find any remaining prison survivors and ended up putting down a zombified Tyreese's head after escaping the Governor's clutches. In the TV series, Michonne was with Rick and Carl only to breakaway from them. In addition Rick only suffered two casualties resulting from the Governor's attack. Also, not all of the Governor's people (who had no military training) were killed in the comics, the remaining being led to the prison by Lilly Caul after his demise. The third novel, The Fall of the Governor, tells what happened to Lilly and her group. In the TV show, all the Governor's people (who did have military training) were killed, only Lilly and Tara surviving the battle. In the show, the prison survivors split up into five groups. In the comics, it is only two groups after the attack.

    Michonne's back story is similar to her comic counterpart with a few differences. Mike was not her husband but her boyfriend, and Michonne had two daughters and no son from a previous marriage though her daughter whereabouts are unknown and Mike's friend, Terry, was a Caucasian.

    Season 5

    The plotline with Terminus and the cannibals there is invented for the show, as is the story line about the hospital. Rick and his group are never captured in the show between the prison arc and Alexandria. In the comics, the cannibals who accost Rick's group at Gabriel's church are unconnected to Terminus, have never met Rick before and have no personal grievance against them. Instead, they simply hunt humans in order to survive. In the comics it is Dale who is kidnapped and partially eaten by the cannibals instead of Bob.

    Tyrese does not die on the road but is rather killed by the Governor in the attack on the prison.

    In the comics, Rick is cautiously enthusiastic about Aaron's offer of sanctuary in Alexandria whereas in the show, perhaps because of his experience with Terminus, he is hostile to the idea. In the comics, the leader of the Alexandria Safe Zone is a man named Douglas, not a woman named Deanna.

    Enid does not exist in the comic books.

    Season 6

    In the comic books, Abraham is the one shot with a crossbow by Dwight, and Eugene was present. On the show, they put Denise in his place, and Daryl and Rosita were with her, while Eugene was already Dwight's hostage. It's the same method of death, being shot in the back of the head and fighting to finish a sentence with a lack of pain before dying.

    In the comics, Rick begins a relationship with Andrea, who is still alive when they reach Alexandria. There is no chemistry between Rick and Michonne in the comics.

    The man that introduced Rick's group to the Hilltop is Paul Monroe, not Paul Rovia.

    Season 7

    In the comic books, only Glenn was killed by Negan during their first encounter with him. Abraham was already dead before then. The aftermath of Glenn's death is different as well. Negan does not take Rick on a ride in the RV and force him to fight zombies. Instead he just gives a speech and then leaves.

    Since Daryl does not exist in the comics he is not taken as a hostage by Negan. Instead Negan briefly holds Carl hostage when Carl sneaks into the factory and attacks Negan's men.

    In the comics, it is not Morgan and Carol who first encounter the Kingdom and Ezekiel. Instead, after Negan kills Glenn, Jesus introduces Rick to Ezekiel in an effort to form an alliance against the Saviors.

    Rosita was not the one who shot Lucille in the comics, it was Carl. And Negan didn't order one of his henchmen to kill someone, but he played his eeny-meeny-meiny-moe game on the Alexandria folks.

    Since Tara does not exist in the comics, her whole storyline with being on the road and encountering a group fo survivors living at a seaside motel does not take place.

    The show gives much more background on Dwight and insight into his character and disattisfaction with Negan's rule, whereas the comics make him seem more like a loyal follower until He reveals himself to Rick and suggests an alliance

    Negan did not learn about Eugene's homemade bullets before war was declared but rather during the war between the Militia and the Saviors.

    There was no group called the Scavengers in the comic books.

    Richard was not killed by Morgan, nor did he attempt to disrupt the agreement between the Kingdom and the Saviors. He was actually killed in battle during the war.

    Benjamin hasn't died yet in the comic books. Also he was more of a ne'er-do-well than just a youth.

    Sasha takes the place of Holly, who was a prisoner at Sanctuary, and nearly raped by David. In the comics, this took place after war was declared. The way the rebellion began was also different. Since the Scavengers don't exist in the comics books, the Saviors didn't have allies. Instead, it started a little ways outside Alexandria, where Negan had people hiding in the fields. Also since Andrea was killed off on the show, Michonne took her place as the sniper. She was in the church bell tower in the comics, not on a colonial balcony.

    Season 8

    In the comics, when Gregory informed the Militia the Hilltop was with the Saviors and ordered his people to disperse, most of the community followed his orders, compared to in the show, no one retreated. Also, the assault on Sanctuary in the comics ended with Rick and the group falling back. There was no swarm for them to cattle drive. Edit

  • In the finale of the second season, Rick revealed to his group that Jenner told him they are all already infected, meaning that anyone who dies of anything, barring severe head trauma, will reanimate as a Walker; whether bitten by a Walker or not.

    Rick did not mention this to the rest of the group previously because he did not think that they needed to know, and also that he was not sure of the authenticity of Jenner's statement. He confirmed it after seeing Shane reanimate following his death. Edit

  • Sophia went missing after she was saved by Rick in the woods during the season two premiere. It was suggested that she stayed in an abandoned house, ate sardines and slept in a closet (which Daryl found). Her teddy bear was also found at a river by Daryl, but no sign of her. In end of the seventh episode, Pretty Much Dead Already (2011), Sophia is revealed to have been one of the zombies in the barn, and Rick puts her out of her misery.

    During the Talking Dead (2011) aftershow Pretty Much Dead Already (2011), guest Robert Kirkman explained that Sophia was in the barn the entire time the group was staying on the farm. He also stated that there was a flashback planned where Otis finds Sophia as a zombie stuck in the swamp and puts her in the barn. Otis did not tell anyone about the zombie he found due to the chaos after accidentally shooting Carl. The flashback was unfortunately scrapped in the end. Edit

  • Anyone who dies with an intact brain will become a zombie. A zombie bite is poisonous and will result in eventual death. The connection between the two, however, is unclear, as everyone who is still alive is already infected regardless of whether or not they've been bitten. It could be speculated that death causes the infection to develop to such an extent in the zombie that the immune system of a living victim is no longer able to keep it at bay if bitten.

    The zombie must bite into the blood vessels for this to happen, though. In one scene in the comic books, the Governor is seen kissing his zombie daughter with no apparent ill effects other than nausea. The time it takes to take lethal effect is not necessarily dependent upon where the victim is bitten, as two characters receive bites to the neck; one of them turns within minutes, the other in days. In the comics, a couple of characters manage to amputate bitten limbs before the poison spreads. Edit

  • Because, as Dr. Jenner said, it's different for everyone.

    In the case of Shane, it is unknown how long Rick stayed, despondent, with the corpse in the field before he turned. The way the scene was shot, it could have been hours.

    Glen Mazzara explained why Shane became a walker in Better Angels (2012), much faster than Amy: We worked hard to make sure that revelation landed. We knew what we were doing there. We knew it would land a punch. We've never had a main character become a zombie to this extent. Those [rapid flashes of zombie mayhem] represent the storm in Shanes brain to some extent Amy was a weaker character. Shane is in a murderous rage hes going to reanimate quicker. There's just more life in that zombie, believe it or not. We do have internal rules for that.

    It usually varies on the age, weight, and height of a person. Edit

  • We have not yet been explained on the TV series and in the original comic book series of how or why the zombie apocalypse started. Several characters throughout franchise have came up with their own theories and speculations but none of them have been proven correct so far. A prequel series, Fear the Walking Dead (2015), shows the early days of the outbreak, where people are living normal lives until the outbreak starts. It still leaves it a mystery as to how it started and why people reanimate after they die. Edit

  • Season 1: Walkers

    Season 2: Walkers and Shane Walsh

    Season 3: Walkers and the Governor

    Season 4: Walkers, the Governor, and the Claimers (led by Joe)

    Season 5: Walkers, the Hunters (led by Gareth), the Cops at Grady Memorial (led by Officer Dawn Lerner), and Pete Anderson

    Season 6: Walkers, the Wolves, and the Saviors (led by Negan)

    Season 7: Walkers, the Saviors (led by Negan), and the Scavengers (led by Jadis)

    Season 8: Walkers and the Saviors (led by Negan)

    Season 9: Walkers, Rogue Saviors, and the Whisperers (led by Alpha) Edit

  • Season One

    • Deputy Leon Basset dies during the epidemic while Rick was in a coma. He is discovered as a walker and shot in the head by Rick.

    • Ed Peletier is attacked by the walkers at the camp and eaten alive.

    • Amy Harrison gets bitten by walkers, later she turns and gets killed by Andrea.

    • Jim gets bitten by a walker, and asks the survivors to be left in the countryside to die.

    • Dr. Edwin Jenner and Jacqui are blown away in an explosion at the CDC, caused by Edwin.


    Season Two

    • Sophia Peletier gets lost by Rick's crew after running into a swarm. Later in the season she is discovered in Hershel's barn as a walker and shot by Rick.

    • Otis gets shot in the leg by Shane and is left at the school to be eaten by walkers.

    • Dave is shot in the head by Rick.

    • Tony is gunned down by Rick.

    • Sean is shot by Hershel and eaten by a walker.

    • Dale Horvath is torn apart by a walker and shot by Daryl.

    • Randall gets his neck snapped by Shane, later turned and killed by Daryl.

    • Shane Walsh is stabbed by Rick, turned, and shot by Carl.

    • Patricia gets eaten by walkers during the attack on the farm.

    • Jimmy is torn apart in the RV by walkers.


    Season Three

    • Big Tiny is killed with a machete by Tomas after being stabbed by a walkers arm.

    • Tomas gets his head split open with a machete by Rick.

    • Lt. Welles and his unit are ambushed and killed by the Governors men.

    • T-Dog is torn apart by walkers.

    • Andrew gets gunned down by Oscar.

    • Lori Grimes dies while giving birth to Judith, and is shot in the head by Carl.

    • Neil Garguilio is shot in the head by Merle.

    • Michael Coleman passes away during an experiment, then turned, later killed by Andrea.

    • Donna succumbs to a walker bite from the woods.

    • Oscar is killed in the attack at Woodbury, and shot by Rick.

    • Duane Jones is killed off-screen. Morgan tells Rick his son was bitten by his reanimated mother.

    • Axel gets shot in the head during an attack on the prison by the Governor.

    • Ben is shot with a bullet by Merle which was meant for the Governor.

    • Merle Dixon is killed by the Governor, turned, then killed by a grieving Daryl.

    • Milton Mamet is shot by the Governor, bleeds out and turned, then killed by Andrea.

    • Allen is gunned down along with other Woodbury soldiers by the Governor.

    • Andrea Harrison is bitten by a reanimated Milton; given a gun by Rick's crew, and shoots herself in the head with Michonne bearing witness.


    Season Four

    • Zach is bitten in the leg by a walker, then crushed by a downed chopper.

    • Patrick died from a mysterious flu, then turned.

    • Ryan Samuels died from the epidemic.

    • Karen is killed and burned by Carol after getting sick.

    • Dr. Caleb Subramanian dies from the epidemic and is stabbed in the head by Hershel.

    • David Chambler died from his illness, he turns and is killed by the Governor.

    • Shumpert is killed off-screen. We learn he was bitten by a walker and put down by Caesar Martinez.

    • Caesar Martinez is tossed in a pit of walkers by the Governor and feasted on by walkers.

    • Pete Dolgen is stabbed to death by the Governor, he is then dumped in the river and reanimated as a walker.

    • Hershel Greene is beheaded with Michonne's sword by the Governor.

    • Meghan Chambler is bitten by a walker, later died and shot by the Governor to prevent turning.

    • Alicia is shot in the head by Lizzie.

    • Mitch Dolgen is shot by Daryl after losing the tank.

    • Phillip 'The Governor' Blake is cut down by Michonne, later shot by Lilly Chambler.

    • Lilly Chambler is killed off-screen by the hoard of walkers.

    • Lou is killed in the bathroom by Rick, then turned.

    • Mika Samuels gets stabbed to death by Lizzie.

    • Lizzie Samuels is shot in the back of the head by Carol.

    • Len gets beaten to death by Joe's crew, and stabbed in the eye with an arrow.

    • Joe gets his neck ripped open by Rick.

    • Alex is shot by a Terminus cannibal while being used as a human shield by Rick.


    Season Five

    • Sam is bashed in the head with a bat, and had his throat slit along with 3 others by the Terminus butchers.

    • Mary is shot in the leg by Carol, then feasted on by walkers.

    • Gareth is hacked in the head with a machete by Rick.

    • Martin gets the butt of a gun bashed in to his head by Sasha.

    • Bob Stookey succumbs to a walker bite, and is stabbed in the head by Tyreese.

    • Joan is found dead in Dawn's office, she later turns.

    • Officer Gorman is struck in the head with a vase by Beth, then eaten by a reanimated Joan.

    • Sgt. Bob Lamson gets rundown with a patrol car and gets shot by Rick.

    • Officer O'Donnell is pushed down an elevator shaft by Dawn and Beth.

    • Beth Greene stabs Dawn with a pair of scissors, only to get shot in the head by her.

    • Officer Dawn Lerner is shot in the head by Daryl.

    • Tyreese Williams is bitten by Noah's reanimated brother, gets his arm cut off, then dies from his wounds.

    • Aiden Monroe shoots a grenade on a walker, causing him to fly into metal spikes. Later, he is feasted on by walkers.

    • Noah is pulled out of the revolving doors and eaten by walkers.

    • Reg Monroe has his throat slashed open with Michonne's sword by Pete.

    • Pete Anderson is shot in the head by Rick on Monroe's orders.


    Season Six

    • Carter is bitten in the face by a walker and stabbed in the back of the head by Rick.

    • Erin is hacked down outside her home by a Wolf fanatic.

    • Richards is torched with a molotov cocktail by a Wolf fanatic.

    • Shelly is mortally slashed in the stomach by a Wolf fanatic, and stabbed in the back of the head by Carol.

    • Holly is mortally wounded in the onslaught at Alexandria by a Wolf fanatic. She dies in the infirmary.

    • Barnes gets his jugular bitten off by a walker, and gets a sword impaled in his head by Michonne.

    • Sturgess is killed off-screen by walkers. We see the walkers snacking on his torso.

    • Annie trips on the ground after fleeing the pet store. She fires at the horde of walkers, but is attacked and bitten.

    • David(Alexandria) is pulled off a rusted gate by walkers while attempting to climb it and is chewed on by the walkers. Later in the show, he is discovered by Glenn as a walker and stabbed in the head.

    • Nicholas shoots himself in the head after being surrounded by walkers to avoid being eaten alive.

    • Eastman is bitten in the back by a walker while saving a hesitating Morgan. We later see his grave. This is a FLASHBACK event that took place between Seasons 4 and 5.

    • Betsy kills herself off-screen. She is discovered with her wrists slit as a walker and is stabbed in the head by Jessie.

    • Tina is bitten on both sides of the neck by 2 walkers.

    • Deanna Monroe is bit after the walkers breach Alexandria. She makes her final stand at the Anderson's home. Later in the show, she reanimates and is put down by Spencer.

    • Timmy is strangled behind the truck by Daryl.

    • Bud and his crew are blown up from an RPG shot by Daryl.

    • Sam Anderson hesitates while sneaking through the walkers, and is eaten alive by walkers.

    • Jessie Anderson is eaten by the walkers after screaming from seeing Sam attacked.

    • Ron Anderson gets a sword through the back by Michonne after attempting to kill Rick. He gets a shot off and hits Carl before he dies.

    • Owen is gunned down by Carol, and attacked by walkers. He reanimated and is put down by Morgan.

    • Ethan gets his neck punctured open by Rick just before he could slit his throat.

    • Donnie gets a gunshot wound to the arm by Carol, and later dies from the wound. He then turns and is stabbed in the head by Molly, but not before biting her.

    • Molly gets her head crushed in with the butt of a pistol by Maggie.

    • Michelle is shot in the head by Carol while in a struggle with Maggie, but not before slashing Maggie in the stomach.

    • Paula gets in a struggle with Carol, and gets thrown in a busted pipe, being impaled by it. She gets her face chewed on by the walker attached to it. She then turns and is stabbed in the head by Maggie.

    • Primo is shot in the head by Rick.

    • Dr. Denise Cloyd is shot in the back of the head with a crossbow by Dwight.

    • Neil is gunned down from an ambush set by Abraham. In Season Seven, he discovered as a walker and put down by Rosita.

    • Miles gets stabbed with a rusted pipe attached to a vehicle by Carol.

    • Jiro is shot to the ground by Carol. He is discovered barely alive by Rick and stabbed in the head.

    • Roman is gunned down by Morgan.

    • Sgt. Abraham Ford has his skull crushed with Lucille by Negan. It was revealed in Season Seven that he was the one who was killed.


    Season Seven

    • Glenn Rhee has his skull crushed with Lucille by Negan as penance for Daryl assaulting him.

    • Gordon is shot in the back by Dwight, he is reanimated as a walker and chained to the fence at Sanctuary.

    • Heath is swarmed by walkers on the bridge and separated from Tara. His fate is currently unknown.

    • George is gunned down in the back of the loading truck by Carl.

    • Chris is gunned down by Carl while protecting Negan.

    • Fat Joey has his skull crushed with a lead pipe by Daryl.

    • Isabelle is shot in the head by Michonne.

    • Spencer Monroe has his stomach sliced open by Negan, causing his guts to unravel. He reanimated later and is stabbed in the head by Rick.

    • Olivia is shot in the face by Arat as Negan ordered as penance for Rosita's actions.

    • Dr. Emmett Carson is tossed into the furnace by Negan after being set up by Dwight and confessing a lie.

    • Benjamin is mortally wounded with a gunshot by Jared on Gavin's orders. He succumbs to his wound in Carol's home and is stabbed in the head by Morgan.

    • Richard is beaten and strangled by Morgan as retribution for causing Benjamin's death. He is then stabbed in the head by him.

    • David(Saviors) is stabbed through the side of the neck by Negan as penance for attempting to rape Sasha. He reanimated and is stabbed in the head off-screen by Sasha.

    • Sasha Williams poisons herself with the pill Eugene provided for her. She reanimated and is later put down by Jesus.

    • Roy is bitten in the face by a reanimated Sasha after pulling her off of Negan.

    • Farron is thrown from a colonial balcony to her death by Michonne.


    Season Eight

    • Freddie and Andy are gunned down by the Saviors during a failed breach along with Morgan. Only Morgan survived.

    • Mara is bit by a reanimated Savior during a gunfight with the militia.

    • Francine is shot during the attack on the munitions house by the Saviors.

    • Eric is wounded during the attack on the munitions house by the Saviors. He later succumbs to his wound and reanimates, and is seen joining a swarm of walkers.

    • Miranda, Louis, and Eliza Morales died off-screen on the show. Morales confirms they're dead.

    • Morales is shot in the head with a crossbow by Daryl while subduing Rick.

    • Todd is shot in the head by Daryl after revealing where Negan's big guns were.

    • Daniel and a score of men from the Kingdom were butchered with machinegun fire from the Saviors outside Gavin's outpost. He reanimates and is shot in the head by Alvaro just before he could reach Ezekiel.

    • Rudy and his boys are gunned down by Carol shortly after the massacre of Ezekiel's men.

    • Alvaro is shot in the back by Gunther while helping Ezekiel walk.

    • Gunther is chopped in half with an axe by Jerry just before he could kill Ezekiel.

    • Shiva is torn apart by the Walkers while allowing time for Carol, Ezekiel, and Jerry to escape.

    • Yago is stabbed in the ribs by Rick, and tossed out of his moving truck. He succumbs to his wound later in the show and is stabbed in the head by Rick.

    • Leo is blown up with an RPG fired by Rosita.

    • Zia is hit with a dump truck while escaping in her truck by Daryl.

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