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I Almost Died Of Laughter
alexkolokotronis3 February 2009
This of course is not a great movie but I just have to give it a 10/10. I have never laughed more in my life. Even the jokes that aren't funny are funny. This film's comedic build up is about the best you will ever see. It doesn't even matter what the punch line is, its how they get to it thats hilarious.

Now this cast was perfect. Anytime you have Randy Quaid in a film you just know the film is going to make you life just by looking at him. Kingpin couldn't have shown this any better as he plays an Amish man who just happens to be amazingly talented at bowling. Woody Harrelson plays a has-been ex-professional bowler who makes a comeback with managing through Randy Quaid. Together they go on a ride across the country making money left and right. Along the journey they are great supporting comedic performances given by Bill Murray and Vanessa Angel who certainly makes the look of the film more appealing.

The Farrelly brothers in my opinion give their best direction they've yet to have. Yet it is the writers who so perfectly set up one joke after another. It seems as if the script is so sharp that their are jokes within jokes. The Farrelly brother handle this material so well by virtual unknowns.

As I have said before this is not a great film but I would highly recommend this if your in the mood of watching something spontaneous. It may not be the most technically sound movie ever made or the deepest but I have never laughed so much in life and that in it self is what comedies are about.
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This film is rude, crude and very funny
lambiepie-219 November 2002
When this film first came out, I had no use for it. Then I was home sick one day and caught it on cable. I laughed my butt off. This is a crude, rude and down right funny film. It also helped that I grew up near the Pennsylvania Dutch and plenty of bowling lanes. Two seemingly safe areas that the Farley brothers attack it without mercy. Sometimes it gets down right disgusting and many cannot stomach, but overall, its very funny.

Bill and Woody were funny as anything. The Disco-era beginning makes me laugh like crazy. The commercial Bill Murray does is to die for. This film will offend alot of people, and many references played for humor may make folks feel uncomfortable, but I loved it. If you are easily offended, this is NOT the film for you. But for everyone else who likes rude, crude and deviously funny -- often at the expense of others kinda humor, this is a gem to see.
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Bowling anyone?
jotix10025 August 2005
Bobby and Peter Farrelly, the directors of "Kingpin" show a great flair for this type of comedy. Not having seen it when it first was released, we were lucky to catch it on cable the other night, and frankly, it proved to be a happy choice. The Farrellys had a good screen play by Barry Fanaro and Mort Nathan to work with, as they showed a talent for assembling a wonderful cast to make this a winning comedy the fun and exciting film it is.

The best thing in the film are Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray. Mr. Harrelson plays Roy Munson, the man who love bowling, but through an unfortunate incident, loses his ability to play the sport he was born to play. Woody Harrelson is wonderful in his portrayal of Munson. Bill Murray's role is much smaller, but he does wonders with it. Best of all is the way we see him at the bowling tournament in Reno with his teased hair in disarray.

The rest of the cast is good. Randy Quaid as Ishmael Boorg, gives a funny reading of his naive character. Also the attractive Vanessa Angel plays the woman who has an interest in the game.
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Now I Know Why I Quit Bowling
ray-28016 August 2005
I say this in a good way: this film captures bowling's underbelly, where even the pro stars sometimes have to supplement their income the old-fashioned way: by taking it directly from obviously weaker bowlers who somehow manage to be convinced to risk their money. Just as poker games are often won with guns, bowling for money has hazards all its own, something I learned even as a junior bowler hustling games after the league on Saturday.

Roy E. Munson (Woody Harrelson) is such a loser that acting like a total loser is actually called "being Munsoned." The term is named after an incident where some victims of a bowling hustle relieve Roy of his right hand in a gruesome manner which involves bowling equipment. Somehow, even THAT manages to be funny, which speaks to the quality of this film, a film smart enough to have its three main stars on screen for most of the time. The 1979 accident was the result of Roy taking the fall for the hustle engineered by legendary bowler Ernie McCracken (Bill Murray).

Fast forward to 1996, and Roy stumbles across an Amish bowler named Ishmael Boorg (Randy Quaid), the most talented bowler he's ever come across. He offers to coach Ishmael for a $1 million tournament in Reno, Nevada that can save his family farm, but Ishmael is conflicted (the deepest emotion of the film) because he has strayed from the Amish country. Ishmael's brother is the requisite family member sent to bring the stray relative back home, and Vanessa Angel is extra-hot as the love interest for almost every guy in the film.

If you think this is a parody of bowling, the joke may be on you. Hang around enough lanes, in certain places, and you just might see these guys or something very close to them. Just be careful if they look drunk and want to play for money.
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An abrasive comedy that is not for all tastes
mulhollandman26 August 2006
Kingpin should be approached with the same kind apprehension that any sane person would approach any Farrelly Brothers film. Expect a procession of jokes at the expensive of the main characters, fused with an simple storyline and that's exactly what to expect from a Farrelly brothers film.

Woody Harrelson plays Roy Munson a washed bowler that had potential to be a professional Bowler but his dream comes to an end when he encounters Ernie McCracken, played to perfection by Bill Murray who ends up costing Roy Munson his bowling hand. Cut to mid-90's Roy is now an alcoholic, in serious debt. A chance meeting with Ishamel Boorg, played by Randy Quaid, an naive Amish man at a bowling alley leads to the pairs cross country trip to save both their respective futures. Along the way they met Claudia, played by Vanessa Angel, a tough talking con woman with her own mission. Together the three form an unbreakable bond and come face to face with their adversary Ernie McCracken.

I like my comedy to be intelligent, and Kingpin is one of the few movies of its kind that actually makes me laugh. It made me laugh when I first saw it in 1996 it made me laugh till I was sore and now ten years on in 2006 it still makes me laugh. The cast are brilliant and it's their talents that really keep this comedy from dating. Randy Quaid is always solid, Vanessa Angel is devilish sexy and cunning, Woody Harrelson is suitably vexed and Bill Murray reminds us all why he has remained Hollywood's main comedy actor long since all his peers disappeared.

Kingpin is definitely for an adult audience and it is worth watching some night that there is nothing on the television or at the cinema. Not for all tastes but damn it is good and it is one of the Farrelly brothers better films in my opinion. 10 out of 10
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Bill Murray at his best!
bat-510 July 1999
Bill Murray pretty much steals the show every time he's on the screen. He's sleazy, he's smarmy and he's very funny. With that comb-over going nuts at the big game, and his victory dance at the end makes Kingpin that much better. That's not saying that the rest of the film isn't good, it is. Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid and Vanessa Angel make a very odd partnership. An Amish bowling whiz, a one handed ex-bowler, and a very sexy hustler scheme and dream to make it to Reno, but of course they have to beat Big Ern.
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I Haven't laughed THIS hard at the movies too often
KUAlum2622 July 2006
Young Roy Munson has been raised to be a bowler.It's what he does best. In 1979,at the age of eighteen,Roy(Woody Harrelson from here on out)is at the top of his game and a bona-fide star in his Ohio hometown. After he beats Ace pro Ernie"The Big Ern"McCracken(Bill Murray,smarmy and snarkly as ever)in a match,he is raked into Ernie's con game and pays a dear price for it.

Seventen years later,Roy is anything but the local hero he once was. He lives in a seedy apartment in small town Pennsylvania,does odd sales jobs and has to "satisfy" his decrepit landlady to avoid the rent. It's at one of the bowling alleys that Roy does routes to that he witnesses one Ishmael Boorg(Randy Quaid,backing his scene stealing performance in ID4 with this bravura turn),a sweet,gentle Amish man-child who has a natural knack for bowling. Needing money and smelling a chance at scoring big time,Roy decides to take Ishmael under his wing.

On the way to a Million dollar tournament in Las Vegas,Roy and Ishmael pick up a comely stowaway and ally in a gangster's moll(VAnessa Angel) and bond from mishap to mishap.

There's nothing particularly brilliant or especially sharp about this offering,the second from the brothers Farrelly,but its uniqueness and lack of restraint on the gross-out humor make this movie a very easy watch(for those who love that kind of stuff,of course). Harrelson,Quaid,Murray and Angel move effortlessly through this flick,which may explain why it's so good. Since this film,the Farrellys have steadily moved away from the almost merciless gross-out gags of their films and has made seeing their films a little less riotous and fun,so this movie is a healthy reminder of what a little imagination(I mean,honestly...a movie about Bowling AND the Amish?)and mischief can make. A great cheap rent or cable TV movie.
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The crass breakout Farrelly Brothers comedy still holds up
a_chinn12 July 2018
I saw this back in the day in the theater at a midnight showing and loved it. "Kingpin" was a box office disappointment upon it's original release, but it found it's audience on home video and became something of a cult classic. The set-up is basically "The Natural" except instead of a 1920s Robert Redford having his baseball career cut short, we have a 1970s Woody Harrelson's promising professional bowling career cut short. Harrelson resurfaces 20 something years later to mentor an Amish bowling prospect, Randy Quaid, in order to get payback against bowling star Bill Murray, who was responsible for Harrelson's career ending bowling injury. Suffice to say, it's not the story that made this film memorable. It's the many over-the-top hilarious gags and some surprisingly earnest characters that make this film still hold up today. Some of he best gags involve Harrelson's rubber hand, the foul mouthed Lin Shaye, Harrelson trying to pass as Amish, Quade getting some cold drinks, and an odd Indecent Proposal sequence involving a cameo by Chris Elliott, but it's really Bill Murray who steal every scene that he's in, whether he's mugging after losing a bowling match, doing a self serving infomercial, or something as small as his bad hair combover, he is absolutely hilarious in what might arguable be his best comedic performance (and that's saying something). It's really too bad Murray's part is a supporting role, but it may be his limited screen time that makes his performance so special. Writer/directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly had previously made the popular (and I believe critically underrated) "Dumb and Dumber," but it was this film that helped pave the way for the slew of raunchy 90s comedies that followed, such as "American Pie," the Farrellys own "There's Something About Mary," all the way up to "Superbad." The 80s certainly had it's fair share of Porky's inspired raunch, but this new generation is a bit more story and character driven than their sleazier 80s counterparts. The main weakness of "Kingpin" is that the sappy maudlin elements of the story, which do certainly make the characters more empathetic, are often incongruous with the raunchy and absurd comedic elements. It's hard to go from Harrelson "milking" a bull or "paying" his rent to his hideous landlady to caring whether he finds redemption and self respect. However, "Kingpin" remains an enjoyably crass and rude comedy that although not be for all tastes is a hilarious treat if you can get into the spirit of the film. Vanessa Angel, Richard Tyson, Rob Moran, and Daniel Greene also appear in the film.
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Get on the gravy train with biscuit wheels
dyingrepublicofpanama22 September 2018
Truly the greatest US film comedy's ever made.

Comedy is born out of tragedy and Roy Munson story certainly was one of that.

Bill Murray gives his best performance since Ghostbuster 1984

Woody Harrelson , an amazin comic actor delivers his best.

Great story. Hilarious one liners...

And remember. ..

A bowlers worst enemy is his eyes and his ears !
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Bill Murray in one of the funniest comedy scenes ever
andy stew27 October 2001
I enjoyed this film a great deal. There were many hilarious gags and some clever satirical sideswipes, and the main performers were excellent. Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid made a superb team, and both were quite moving at times.

However, I must mention the extraordinary comic genius of Bill Murray here, as in this film he provided me with what must be one of the funniest scenes in the history of movies -- a very simple gag that was really bound to happen, yet I wasn't expecting it. It is the climactic scene where he and Harrelson are the finalists in the tournament, and twice involves his comb-over ...

I can't go any further. I'm laughing so much. My sister and I missed the rest of the film as we bust our guts in absolute hysterics as Murray performed little victory dances (one involving his shoulder-blades almost killed me) while totally oblivious to the state that his hair was in ...

I don't want to spoil it for you. Just rent out the film, watch it with a friend, forget that I mentioned this scene, and when it happens it will catch you unawares and you will hopefully laugh yourself silly.

Ernie McCracken really was the biggest loser in the film, as he thought he was cool and suave, yet he had a terrible hairstyle (two, actually) and was a disgusting, selfish and unfeeling pervert. He plays a big role in the plot, but Murray's outstanding performance makes him so self-absorbed and bereft of any real humanity that he is almost completely separate from the movie -- there really is no point in him being there, apart from to provide us with enormous laughs and upstage everyone else and all the important things in the film. He just exists for himself and his own satisfaction, and everything about him is insincere.

When you watch it you will know what I mean when I say that he really seems to be one of the most unimportant important characters I've seen. Murray really is in a league of his own when it comes to cynicism and wry, dry and ironic humour; his gift is his ability to allow his casual arrogance to remove all pomposity and sentimentality, and mock everything that's important, so you can't do anything but laugh.

When he re-entered the film, I really couldn't care less what the outcome was going to be. I just laughed as he signed an autograph for a beautiful female fan and whispered to her what room he was staying in; and as he jokingly apologised for the appalling damage he had inflicted on Roy Munson (Harrelson), which had completely ruined his life 17 years earlier, and then selfishly began to make light of the matter, before avoiding a few punches from Ishmael (Quaid) and running off quickly while telling Claudia (Vanessa Angel) what room he was staying in.

And all the while, he has a hairstyle that is worse than Munson's and Ishmael's put together.

Man, that's some good tasting comedy.
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one a hell of a movie
ne12abaa3-112 June 2005
this is a great movie , the jokes so smart , and very nice 60-70 sound truck , the movie is a combination of a road movie and self definition movie. bill Morey plays the bad guy and he adds his touch of comedy , Ishmael and his jokes are historical, especially one Ishmael end up working as a female striper, and when he discover a small tattoo one the chest not noticing the side to side tattoo at his back. some parts may be considered a bit racial , but all on all this movie is very funny. the scene where woody Harrison milks the bill is eternal. the end as always a happy end. in Iraq this movie was a hit , and still available at video rent shelfs.not much cgi, Vanessa Angel definitely plays a nice part and she is a very hot one, the scene of fight between her and woody was to much and you can see the sub performing.
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Bowling: It Can Be A Crude Sport!
ccthemovieman-114 July 2006
What a strange comedy this turned out to be. Of course, that's not a shock considering you have Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid and Bill Murray starring. Now there's a stable, conservative trio!!

This actually has some very funny moments. At first I was afraid it was going to be too irreverent to the Amish - and there definitely was some of that with Quaid's character, who is made to look like a total dimwit, who has no knowledge of the Bible and is easily led - NO characteristics of an Amish person, BUT the film really isn't mean-spirited and it does show respect for the Amish in a number of scenes. However, it's still very much a sleazy film and the writers wouldn't have done this with any other non-Christian character.

All the characters in here, including the profane female lead played by Vanessa Angel (who?), are fun to watch. The most outrageous, in a minor role, is the female landlord who has to be seen to be believed.

Bowlers will especially like this film since a good part of it centers around that. A number of PBA members put it cameo performances. One scene, with the fake hand attached to the bowling ball as it returns from the ball rack had me almost in tears laughing, for some reason. Murray's take on the flamboyant bowler (and there have been a few over the years on the Pro Bowlers Tour) is hilarious.

Crude, but a funny film for the most part.
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Long Live the Comb Over
mapeoleaf30 December 2003
I thought this movie was great. It has a fantastic cast made up of Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid, and Bill Murray. I agree with other users that this film has not been rated fairly. You simply have to take it for what it's worth, and I personally think it's wonderful!

Woody Harrelson plays Roy Munson, a drunken, former pro-bowler trying with much difficulty to earn a buck. He discovers a young Amish man who may be his ticket back to bowling prestige (if that actually exists). The two bowling hopefuls proceed on a road trip to win the grand prize in a bowling championship in Las Vegas. This movie is truly hilarious! Woody Harrelson does a fantastic job in the role of the sad sack ex-bowler with a rubber hand. He seems to have aged ten years in his portrayal of this character. Bill Murray is his adversary, "Big Ern" McCracken, whose bad toupee seems to have a life of its own. Murray is wonderful in this role with his cocky and pompous attitude. There are certain scenes of his character in a television commercial that are quite literally, marvelous. Finally to finish off this stellar cast we have Randy Quaid as Ishmael, the Naïve Amish man who could quite possibly be the next Bowling legend. I must also mention the gorgeous Vanessa Angel as Claudia. Her character is under developed but she still has the charisma and sex appeal to ignite her scenes.

This movie must be viewed for what it is worth. This means, it is not Oscar material but it is a very funny movie. So watch the film with this in mind and enjoy all the hilarious scenes and great performances.

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Eddie McCraken rules OK!
johnson506 December 2003
What a totally mad fim! Woody Harrelson is just brilliant as the one handed Munson, Randy Quaid is excellent as the naive Ishmael, even if he does seem a little old for the role, and Vanessa Angel........enough said! But it's Bill Murray who steals the film as the lascivious, crooked and thoroughly revolting Eddie McCracken. What a tour de force.

If you're looking for a sophisticated, light hearted comedy, then this isn't it. To say the comedy is crude, is an understatement but it is typical Farrelly brothers and hilariously funny, non PC and very crude. It's one of those films which, when you explain the storyline to someone who hasn't seen it, sounds totally ridiculous, confusing and pointless and leaves them with a bemused look on their face - a sure sign of greatness!
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very good
danmccracken9 November 2002
this is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. i recommend seeing it if your looking for a laugh or if you have never seen it before. i have watched it about 20 something times and it never gets old to me it just gets better and better every time i sit down and watch it.
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The Funniest Film I Have seen!
The Flawed Genius5 April 2001
Although not as well known as the farrelly brothers other films, Kingpin, in my opinion, surpasses them all. It has everything a good comedy needs and at the top of the list is Bill Murray. He is superb as 'Big Ern' McKracken. He is a totally despisable, womanising cheat with no morals but he is as funny as hell. Woody Harrelson is also great as a once great bowling champion who's loss of his hand turns him into an also despisable, seedy guy with no morals....wh oalso has a drink problem. Watch this film and I guarantee you will laugh out loud for 90 minutes!
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A True Landmark - the 2nd of the 3 steps that changed comedy
atzimo13 March 2002
Kingpin is a movie beyond comparison. In fact, the only movies that can be compared to 'Kingpin', are the other two Farrelli masterpieces, 'Dumb and Dumber' and 'There's something about Mary'. The fact that American Pie was more successful than Kingpin, doesn't make it a better movie. Also, it is utterly insulting (to art) when anyone uses the Farrelli movies humor as a reference to 'Scary Movie'.

'Kingpin' is the second part of the Farrelli's comedic trilogy that changed the world of comedy and inspired EVERY other comedy that came in the new millennium. The story is about an ex-bowling player on a road trip, to find his lost dignity. Woody Harrelson is brilliant as the leading actor and Randy Quaid is great too. Bill Murray is one of best comedians of our times and delivers as usual, but the supporting cast is great as well. You see, 'Kingpin' is really dependent on performances, because despite of what some might believe, all Farrelli movies are emotionally intense. It is this emotional intensity that makes the extreme scenes so funny; the audience cares about the characters and whatever happens to them.

It is the craftsmanship of the Farrelli brothers that made the transition from the humor prior to 'Dumb and Dumber' to today's movie humor so flawless. Unfortunately, it also give license to the opportunists, to offend their audience by including gross out scenes in their movies, without having the aesthetic taste to achieve it properly.

Still, the acceptance of movies like 'Scary Movie' ('Kingpin' scores barely one point over 'Scary movie' on imdb), created a field of competition that destroyed even the latest Farrelli creations. We will have to wait until someone comes up with something as brilliant as the Farrelli movies of the 90's, in order to get rid of this situation.

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We don't have a cow. We have a bull.
Sylviastel9 July 2019
Woody Harrelson played a well-known bowler in retirement who stumbles upon an Amish man named Ismael (Randy Quaid). Together they stumble upon a cross country travel trip to Reno, Nevada. Bill Murray played a competitor. There are familiar faces but it's an okay film overall. I'm not particularly fond this Farrelly brothers film. I didn't find it too funny or entertaining. I liked the ending.
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Maybe a strike (vhs)
leplatypus16 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I took the movie when the Weird Science babe, Vanessa Angel, comes to screen and this little bit was funny: I liked how the cast laughs about their physics and looks (frozen and beaten tits, beer belly and Amish look): Randy Quaid is always cool playing the gentle idiot and whatever, Vanessa is a real beauty who can take charge: so, it's a rare American comedy that actually gives smiles and i wish i could watch it from start to finish!
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This is a screaming laugher
Ricketts6 November 1998
Sitting around with nothing better to do, my wife and I thought we'd give a 1 1/2 star Woody Harrelson movie a chance. Terrible reviews. No one saw it. No one heard of it.

In the first half hour we were in pain from laughing so hard. Only people who saw it will understand the following: "I milked the cow. She sure was hard to warm up." It took me 15 minutes to recover from the next few seconds of punchline. I had to roll off the couch and get down on the floor before I FELL on the floor.

There are about 15 BIG laughs and maybe 30 smaller ones.

I went into IMBD the next day to read what real people (not critics) had to say. Critics didn't like "Ferris Bueller" or "Airplane" either. IMBD clued me that this was made by the same guys who did "Dumb & Dumber" and "There's Something about Mary." If those two screamers aren't to your taste, you'll be with the critics on "Kingpin." Comedy works differently for different people.

Full of truly original humor. RUN don't walk to rent it. I have 1153 movies on tape and am kicking myself for not taping this for visitors who ask me to show them something they may have missed.
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raunchy comedy full of laughs, but also a heart too
jabronis20004 May 2001
I first went to see this movie expecting lots of sick and cruel jokes (I personally like that stuff) and was not disappointed. If you are a sensitive type that gets offended by films like "Dumb and Dumber", you won't like this film. If you can appreciate rapid-fire jokes and shameless attempts to get a laugh out of anything, this is a great film to see.

What surprised me about "Kingpin" is that, beneath all the raunchy humor and satire, there is a real story behind it all. Roy Munson (Woody Harrelson) once had a promising career go down the tubes due to one unlucky night and for years becomes an alcoholic loser. By the end of the film, you can see positive changes in his life, as well as in his new friend Ishmael (Randy Quaid), a harmless Amish man who wants to gain the respect and admiration of his community.
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Don't Overlook
firepants9 January 2001
While generally regarded as the weakest of the Farrelly brothers movies to date, which also include Dumb & Dumber, Something About Mary, and Me, Myself & Irene, this movie is far better than it's lack of critical acclaim would lead one to believe.

For the most part, this movie has been written off because the story is extraodinarily dark for a comedy. Additionally, much of the humor, at least superficially, appeals to the lowest common denominator. But this movie also strikes a chord on a much deeper level. The story, while sophomoric at times, is also thoughtful and intelligent.

Woody Harrelson continues to show his versatility, this time playing a slightly dim witted ex-bowler, who takes on a naive Amish protege played ably by Randy Quaid. Billy Murray absolutely steals this movie playing the conniving, egocentric Big Ernie McCracken.
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a classic
flatulus30 August 1999
I can't believe the low rating for this movie. I suppose it could be viewed as being cruel, but it's a COMEDY for god's sake. The cruelty is part of the charm. Some of us are intelligent enough to realize that the cruelty in this movie is not meant to be taken seriously. If you insist on condemning the cruelty and vulgarity in this movie, then look at it this way: life is often cruel (and vulgar) and you might as well just laugh at it rather than bemoan it. Anyway, this movie is, for me, that funniest movie of the decade. It's more consistently funny than Something About Mary, which got all the acclaim and money. Perhaps this movie was released a few years before its time, as cruel humor seems to be all the rage now (Austin Powers 2 and South Park). Unless you're a humorless, uptight stick-in-the-mud, you should laugh hysterically at this movie.
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It's produces chuckles from time to time
Directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly don't have much of a filmography but after they produced Dumb & Dumber (1994), they were pretty much set. Since this week was the recent release of the Farrelly brothers' long awaited sequel to Dumb & Dumber (1994), Dumb & Dumber To (2014), it seemed appropriate that we visit another early Farrelly brothers' work. I was amazed to see that this is the only time Woody Harrelson collaborated with these directors. After being in and proving in other films that he still can be a comedic actor, I thought he would've made another movie with them. Guess Harrelson has had other plans since.

Here, Woody Harrelson plays Roy Munson, a bowling prodigy who worked hard at being the best. That is, until one day after making a dangerous gamble, he loses his best bowling hand. Feeling ashamed and embarrassed, he leaves home to live a secluded life from society with poor living conditions and unkempt neighbors. Struggling to maintain any kind of order in his life, especially after losing his hand, he stumbles upon an Amish man named Ishmael (Randy Quaid) who reminds him of his youth and realizes that he has some unrecognized bowling skills and decides to take him under his wing. Along their travels, the two also stumble into a abusive rich man's wife that decides it's time for her to get out. The actress playing this vixen is Vanessa Angel. This is also probably her most memorable role in her filmography to most people who recognize her.

The three actors do have their moments that are funny but it's not often. Harrelson carries most of the weight because of how his character tries to be better than his current social status. Quaid's character isn't all that funny but does work occasionally too. Of course, Angel's character is one that probably won't be ignored since much of the physical humor is centered around her bosom. Thankfully, not all the physical comedy relies on Angel. Harrelson's character uses a rubber hand in replace of his metal hooks and watching him fiddle getting ready or doing other things people normally do with their hands brought up some laughs. However there are some gags that are more gross than comical. I'm sure that's apart of the Farrelly humor, but if you're a viewer who doesn't like that kind of humor, it won't be that funny.

Bill Murray even has a fairly major role in the story too, playing a bowler named Ernie McCracken. Man does Murray's hair get wild. In fact, his personality altogether is a bit too wild. Murray is more of an actor who can play a funny role in a deadpan fashion, not over-the-top. Most likely Murray fans will have a fun time but he does get to be too much at times. The two gentlemen behind the screenplay have more TV series writing under their belts than acclaimed comedy blockbusters, which could explain why several gags amount to very little. Also the characters for what they are, aren't the most likable. Yes, they're weird in their own way and have their moments, but they don't come off as characters that viewers would remember easily.

Shockingly, a number of the less important characters are extremely blind or stupid. The character of Ernie McCracken is vulgar along with his strong hubris. McCracken gropes women in public and yet no one sees this? How is it that the women being groped is OK with this? It's not like McCracken is Elvis or something. One character even called the man "a role model for future generations". Are you kidding? Of course it's supposed to make the McCracken character seem unstoppable but how do these people not see this on public television? It may baffle viewers. Editing and cinematography is OK but nothing special. One time composer Freedy Johnston's score was barely noticeable. Much of the time, the music was provided by music parodying or directly paralleling the situation being displayed. It was alright at points, while others not so much.

The comedy is frequently hit or miss, with its forgettable characters and repetitive gags. Woody Harrelson is the key to what helps makes watchable though.
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Kingpin scores a strike!!!!!
CrassActionHero5 September 2006

Starring: Woody Harrelson, Bill Murray, Randy Quaid and Vanessa Angel.


Review: Ah yes. I remember seeing this movie and I still enjoy it now. This is a laugh out loud, crude, and a little touching comedy. The story is pretty good. If you like bowling, this is for you. Even if you don't enjoy bowling, see this anyway. The comedy has, giggles, laughter, and belly-laughs. The cast here is great. The humor does not get old. One more thing, Randy Quaid has some of the best facials in this movie. The ending is quite good and fresh too.

The Last Word: See this movie. A very funny movie. If you don't laugh while seeing this, you have no sense of humor. Period.
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