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Will Rothhaar: Young Roy


  • [First lines] 

    [the caption reads "Ocelot, Iowa. 1969." Roy Munson's father is fueling a car at the Munson Service Center. He calls out to the driver:] 

    Calvert Munson : All set, Charlie!

    Young Roy : Pa!

    [Young Roy, running, trips over a very low white picket fence, breaking half a picket as he runs to his dad] 

    Calvert Munson : [Grinning]  Whoa!

    Young Roy : Hey, Pa! You got time for a game before supper?

    Calvert Munson : Go get your ball. I'll meet you out back.

    [Mr. Munson has installed a very small bowling lane in the back yard] 

    Calvert Munson : Okay, Roy, come on, I want to see some smoke on this one!

    [Roy rolls a perfect strike] 

    Calvert Munson : Whoo! Okay!

    Young Roy : Yeah!

    Calvert Munson : [Mr. Munson whistles in admiration]  Son, you put that in a bottle, you got something sweeter than Yoo Hoo.

    [Roy rolls another perfect strike] 

    Calvert Munson : Whoo! Beauty!

    [They take a walk, hand in hand] 

    Calvert Munson : You got a great gift, son. It's as if angels came down from heaven and put a blessing on your three bowling digits. You can apply everything that I've taught you about bowling to your daily life. And if you do that, you're gonna be decent, you're gonna be moral, and you're going to be a good man.

    [Cut to 1979. When Roy saunters into a disco-loud bowling alley, the acknowledged king sporting a golden bowling ball, it looks as though he has forgotten his father's teachings] 

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