Brad Pitt Took Dax Shepard On a "Spectacular" Date Straight Out Of Pretty Woman

Brad Pitt Took Dax Shepard On a
Once upon a Hollywood, a beautiful bromance was born. Back in September, Ellen DeGeneres surprised Dax Shepard—her The Ellen DeGeneres Show guest host and Brad Pitt's no. 1 admirer—with a little message from the single star himself. "I have a little bit of a crush on Dax Shepard," Pitt admitted in the clip played. And, as to be expected from anyone in that situation, Shepard absolutely freaked out. Or rather, he's still absolutely freaking out four months later. "I'm not over it," he raved to DeGeneres on Tuesday. "First of all, dangerous move for you to just do as a surprise while I was guest hosting because,...
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