The New Mutants Film Could Actually End Up With an R-Rating

The New Mutants was originally set to be released in theaters in April of 2018. Then it was pushed to February and then later pushed all the way to August 2019. The reason for the delay was to reshoot certain scenes and apparently the creative team behind the movie, which is led by director Josh Boone, still have yet to go back into production for those reshoots.

According to producer Simon Kinberg, the team is still trying to figure out the right tone for the reshoots before they move forward. When the reshoots were first reported it was said that 50% of the film would need to be reshot and that an additional one or two new characters would be added. It was also said that the studio wanted to embrace the horror aspect of the film more and make it scarier.

Kinberg goes on to tease that this is the kind of film that could go R-rated.
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