Deadpool’s Bathroom Stunt at Comic-Con May Be the Weirdest ‘Swag’ of the Year

  • Indiewire
Wednesday night is known as Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con, an opportunity to get a glimpse of the booths and exhibits on display for excited pop culture fans — but the most interesting thing at the convention center might have been found in the bathroom, courtesy of the Marvel Universe’s least reverent and least killable superheroes.

In at least one of the women’s restrooms at the convention center (IndieWire was not able to verify that this was also the case in the men’s restrooms or do a complete survey of every women’s restroom at this time), if you turned to look at the paper seat cover dispenser in a stall, you saw this message peeking out:

Wondering what it means when a piece of bathroom tissue tells you that “This is all Fox could afford?” Well, once you pulled it out of the dispenser, the full image was revealed.
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