Fractured Review

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Fractured appears, on the surface and the for first 40 minutes, as a predictable cabin-in-the-woods scenario – the American cabin being replaced with a charming house in the English countryside. A young couple, Michael (Karl Davies) and Rebecca (April Pearson), are driving along an unlit country road, on their way to the house. On the way, they stop at a petrol station where the guy behind the counter (Calvin Dean) looks very shifty indeed. The couple arrive at the house, and (of course) get the sense that they’re not alone.

The first half is enough for anyone to twitch in their seats, out of boredom rather than fear. Hearn’s script suffers the occasional, apathetic cliché, as well as pockets of ludicrous writing. One scene has Michael knock himself unconscious after trying to pull up his trousers, after he ties up his girlfriend for some basic kinky sex. There was an great opportunity for comedy here,
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