‘Lost in Space’: How They Made the Scene-Stealing Robot the Highlight of the Reboot

You can never go wrong bonding a boy with his ‘bot, and Netflix’s “Lost in Space” reboot definitely got the scene-stealing Robot right. The series comes alive whenever he’s on screen, much like the beloved protector from “The Iron Giant.”

In fact, this Robot also has a similar backstory in which he overcomes his attack mode programming to become more sensitive and empathetic. He’s cool and complex, with a lot of untapped potential for Season 2.

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A New Transformer Twist

The original design of the Robot was done by VFX house Rhythm & Hues, and then the bulk of the animation was done by Image Engine (“District 9”) in Vancouver. He comes in two forms: an alien version (sporting multi limbs) and a bi-pedal humanoid. However, when Will (Maxwell Jenkins) first encounters
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